How Back Office Systems Empower Online Casino Platforms

Online gaming platforms have a wide variety of tasks, services, and business practices to keep track of. From promotional marketing to payment management, online casinos need a way to manage the diverse set of managerial and administrative responsibilities that drive their everyday business. With the use of a back office system, many of these tasks can be made more efficient, or even completely automated.

What’s A Casino Back Office System?

If you’re an online casino owner or operator, you already know what it takes to run an online gaming platform. Your platform needs to manage, distribute, and track the games that your customers interact with. This makes up the front-facing activities of your business and gives your customers a way to interact with your service. While this is a critical aspect of any online gaming platform, making efficient use of the data obtained by your gaming platform could result in even larger revenue gains and improved customer loyalty.

Back office systems drive many of the administrative and management tasks that make casinos work. Often called customer relationship management (CRM) systems, back office systems provide the tools, utilities, and services to manage all aspects of an online gaming platform, from payment processing to shift scheduling. They help employees track customers, manage customer service and marketing, and, in the case of physical casinos, connect to other offerings such as hotels, dining, and entertainment.

For decades, back office management systems have provided comprehensive business management solutions for casinos and online gaming operators. Rather than having to manually identify trends in your business, you can turn to your back office system for instant analysis of your revenue and profitability. These software platforms reduce the demanding requirements of administration while opening up the opportunity to focus on what’s key to your business – the player experience.

Common Features of Back Office Systems

Back office systems offer several key features for casino management:

  1. Comprehensive administration and invoicing. Back office systems track player deposits and withdrawals, account balances, sales, and more. These systems can integrate with other platforms, as well as with existing or legacy systems.
  2. Improved customer loyalty. The best way to get your customers to return is to custom tailor their experience. With the use of loyalty programs, you can measure the opportunities available with each player to build a relationship and maximize return. Back office systems will not only help manage loyalty programs, but they’ll also track their effectiveness.
  3. Powerful analytics. Online casinos need to know how their players are performing in order to provide the best experience. Back office systems provide information on player and game performance, as well as profit and revenue generation.

Back office systems can also be used to extend your existing online gaming platform by providing new features and services. For instance, back end systems have been used to:

  • Generate live reports for games including audit trails, statistics, and recorded video
  • Provide comprehensive customer service and care
  • Manage staff scheduling

The specialty services that will best suit your back office system will depend on the specific needs of your platform.

Technologies Used Today

The power of back office systems lies in their ability to cross-communicate between multiple areas of business including payment processing, game management, and administration. Back office systems specialize in integrating the core components of your casino, while offering expandability into supporting industries.

Connecting a back office system to your other systems can have an immense impact on the efficiency of your business. For instance, if a new customer signs up for a new account with your gaming platform, that information can be transferred instantly to your back office system. The back office system can then track that customer’s performance, set up a marketing profile, and begin analyzing the opportunities available with that customer. This way, your system makes the customer feel welcome as soon as he or she starts playing, and it establishes an ongoing marketing relationship that encourages the customer to return.

In addition, integration with your gaming platform allows customer information to distribute instantaneously across all of your departments. For instance, your marketing teams can determine how often to reach out to a customer based on how often they play. Your management teams can be automatically notified if a game is underperforming. If a frequent player or VIP arrives, you can track the player’s performance in order to maximize profitability and keep the player engaged.

How Ignite Can Help

Online casino management is a high-stakes field. You need a back office management system that can deliver the functionality you need to keep your casino profitable, while catering to the wants and needs of your players.

Ignite can help you build a back office system that’s tailored to the needs of your business. Our dedicated development teams have years of experience in building secure, extensible, integrated systems providing player tracking, payment services, and more. Our background with online casinos and betting platforms has helped us become an industry leader in casino software development. We know the industry from both sides, having developed desktop, mobile and web games including poker, tarneeb, bingo, and slots.

Our specialties include:

  • In-depth player tracking and analysis. We’ll work with your existing platforms to analyze player activities and help you develop effective marketing strategies.
  • Payment gateways. We’ll help you design a system that protects the assets of you and your customers, including PCI DSS compliance.
  • Secure platforms with comprehensive testing. Our developers have years of experience creating secure platforms for online businesses. We also offer penetration testing services that can detect vulnerabilities far in advance.

Let us know how we can help you build a comprehensive, integrated back office management solution for your online gaming platform. For more information, contact us at

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