6 Notable FinTech Software Vendors to Watch in 2019

The new year promises to be full of excitement and innovation for a number of forward-thinking FinTech software vendors.

From blockchain solutions to address legacy issues in banks to peer-to-peer transfers, game-changing APIs, and the democratizing of investment, new technology will positively disrupt the financial system in 2019 – paving the way for a new relationship between humans and our money.

It will be fascinating to watch how that relationship evolves over time, and which companies will be at the heart of driving that evolution.

With that in mind, here are the six FinTech software companies that I’m particularly excited about watching in 2019.

1. Coriunder


In their own words, Coriunder help companies launch faster. With a range of products and a dedicated back office support, this is a vendor with the industry experience and know-how to support PSP and Fintech startups through that all-important launch stage, and beyond.

This payment gateway turned user management system provides a number of tools to allow the management of a company from one enterprise level solution. These include:

  • Invoicing, with full management of revenue and billing;
  • Finance management, from transactions to wire transfers;
  • Accounts management, including customers, merchants, affiliates, and banks;
  • And additional functionality implemented via Modules.

They also specialize in delivering a fully branded, white label solution, so that their clients’ clients won’t even realize it’s Coriunder doing the heavy lifting in the background.

Why I’m excited: One glance at the comprehensive features and integrations list will leave most FinTech software developers giddy with excitement. The possibilities are endless.

2. DriveWealth


For emerging FinTech companies in 2019, offering access to U.S. listed equities could be a gamechanger. And that’s precisely what trading technology company DriveWealth does.

Via a modern suite of APIs, DriveWealth helps clients create exciting and innovative financial experiences for new and inexperienced investors.

While investing is often viewed as a complex and financially prohibitive activity, reserved only for the wealthy, DriveWealth was founded to democratize it, making it available to everyone, everywhere, at an affordable cost.  

They handle the complicated aspects of brokerage, enabling FinTech software companies to leverage technology and produce enjoyable investment opportunities for their clients. At the heart of this is their proprietary ecosystem, which allows for fractional share trading. This means novice investors can purchase fractions of well-known shares at a much lower cost than if they were to buy a whole share.

Why I’m excited: More and more FinTech apps will offer real-money investing in the new year. The DriveWealth APIs will be instrumental in the backend.  

3. Metryus


Metryus was founded with the mission to enhance digital financial services, delivering modern and professional FinTech products to companies worldwide.

They currently offer front-end and back-end development, UX and UI design, robust and scalable mobile applications, and rapid MVP prototypes. In short, Metryus specializes in high-performance solutions for both emerging FinTech software companies and traditional enterprise-level banks.

Why I’m excited: Metryus experience in the field (over a decade implementing third-party banking software) has seen them continue to go from strength to strength.

4. Wirecard


With close to two decades of industry experience, Wirecard deals with more than 25,000 customers, offering cutting-edge technology, real-time reporting services, and development support for international payment strategies.

They handle online transactions for some of the world’s leading companies, such as retailers like IKEA, merchants, banks, and a selection of global airlines. Their worldwide multi-channel platform brings together international payment acceptance and methods, while also offering robust fraud prevention solutions. They also offer a comprehensive selection of card products, allowing FinTech companies to issue personalized cards to their clients for a range of purposes, including pre-paid and payout cards, coupons, and loyalty programs.

Wirecard has been expanding gradually, and 2019 could be the year it truly explodes in popularity.

Why I’m excited: The Wirecard portfolio is constantly expanding with innovative and secure payment technologies.

5. Tink


Founded in 2012 by Swedish pair Daniel Kjellén and Fredrik Hedberg, Tink is on a mission to bring people financial happiness. Almost six years on from their launch, and they’ve amassed an impressive 500,000 users and delivered some of the most groundbreaking products the market has ever seen.

Where FinTech software development is concerned, the team behind Tink are passionate about technology and user satisfaction in equal measure. Their goal is to help FinTech companies use enriched, aggregated data to identify key trends and insights via Personal Finance Management (PFM) and frictionless transactions. PFM helps customers understand their money and manage it more effectively, while businesses can automate and digitize their processes in a more personalized manner.

Businesses continue to discover the impact of Tink’s technology, and the clarity it can bring to their own clients.

Why I’m excited: Clever, precise, and cutting-edge, Tink is changing banking for the better.

6. ApPello


A leading FinTech software vendor, ApPello has been at the heart of providing risk management, loan origination, and front-end solutions for the past 20 years. Their digital platform is also one of the most powerful and popular in the Central and Eastern European region.

Using proven technologies, ApPello has continued to innovate, developing user-focused solutions to meet specific business requirements. They have placed a huge emphasis on digitizing financial processes led by customer feedback and expectations, and it really shows in the ease of use of their platform.

Why I’m excited: With a flexible, omnichannel approach, drag and drop solutions, and quick implementation, ApPello is successfully cutting down go-to-market times and allowing for a smoother integration with banking environments.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

These six FinTech software companies will all have a major part to play as the financial system changes for the better in 2019, and beyond. But they’re not alone in altering our relationship with technology and money.

I’m seeing business lending change via companies like Advanon, investment be simplified and gamified via the likes of and Invstr, and banking alternatives like Revolut come to the fore.

The FinTech industry is undoubtedly thriving, and the exciting thing is, this is only the beginning.

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