Cookies are found across the web. Almost every website you visit will use cookies to track and monitor your browsing activity. In short, they are text files containing small amounts of data which are sent to your browser when you visit and browse a website. Cookies are then sent back to the website each time you visit, or to a different website that recognizes that particular cookie.

Cookies are used for many different purposes. We use them to better understand how often certain pages on our website are visited, to monitor our marketing activities, and to make our website more intuitive and user-friendly.

On this page, you will find a list of the different types of cookies we currently use on the Ignite website. And by using the Ignite website, you agree that we can place the cookies outlined on this page on your device.


We use the following cookies:

Performance Cookies

Via Google Analytics, performance cookies collect anonymous information about how our visitors interact with our website. For instance, we can monitor which pages are visited most often, and the types of actions taken on certain pages.

These cookies do not collect information capable of identifying an individual. We use these cookies only to better understand the behaviour and habits of our visitors, and to improve our website’s performance.  

Functionality Cookies

Functionality cookies help our website remember which choices you have made during a previous visit. This allows us to improve and enhance your overall experience.

These cookies cannot track your activity on third party websites.

Third Party Cookies

As the name suggests, third party cookies allow third parties to track how you interact with their applications.

For instance, if you share one of our pages via Twitter or Facebook, you will be sent cookies from those websites. We do not have any control over these cookies, so please take the time to check their respective policies should you have any questions about how they work and how to manage them.

Targeting Cookies

Ignite and our advertising partners may use targeting cookies to deliver relevant adverts elsewhere on the web. These cookies will remember that you have visited our website, and track your device’s browsing activity on other sites or apps.


Over and above the types of cookies described in the previous section, cookies can be split into two categories: session cookies, and persistent cookies.

Session cookies give us the opportunity to link the actions of a visitor during a specific period of time called a ‘browser session’. This begins when a visitor opens the browser window, and it ends when they close it. Session cookies are temporary. Once the browser session ends, all session cookies are deleted.

Persistent cookies, on the other hand, remain on a user’s device for a length of time specified by the cookie in question. These cookies are activated every time a visitor returns to the website that generated the cookie.


If you’d like more information about cookies, how to reject them, and how to remove them from your device, visit: