Ignite is a Leading global offshore development company. At Ignite, we prove that development can be performed both efficiently and cost-efficiently. Having conducted many diverse, successful projects, we offer our customers technological expertise at offshoring rates while maintaining maximum control. With six R&D centers which harness talent and innovation, Ignite is your gateway to exceptional software development in Eastern Europe.

Global Reach

  • Four R&D centers in the Ukraine in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk and Zhitomir
  • An R&D center in Bucharest, Romania
  • A sales office in Frankfurt, Germany
  • A sales office in Vienna, Austria
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Ignite employs an ecosystem of highly capable vendors in Eastern Europe. All vendors are members of Ignite’s Software Federation initiative and comply with Ignite’s development methodology, pricing policy and cloud-based development tools. Through the Software Federation, Ignite gains access to the largest talent pool in Eastern Europe – over 2000 of the region’s leading developers and testers.
This enables us to quickly and efficiently build a distributed team which works cohesively on the some project using LightSpeed – Ignite’s cloud-based Agile delivery platform o streamline distributed software development. This solution can accommodate in very short period of time. Team member can work in a fully distributed mode, allowing best-cost or clustered models in single location providing optimizing performance.

Managed Lab

This model is ideal for customers who with to build a long-term team in Eastern Europe but want to minimize the risks of budget and due date overruns and reduce the management overhead. Ignite established an elite group of dedicated developers working in milestone-based pricing-based on Agile practices. The onsite Project Manager defines together with the customer the scope, cost and due date of each milestone (2-4 weeks). Each milestone is handled as a mini-fixed-price project with Ignite’s full commitment to due date and costs. The team is dedicated to the customer and works on a long-term plan (which is in fact a series of sort-term iterations of the work).

Agile Training and Assimilation

With accumulated knowledge of many projects, Ignite is a leading vendor for Agile Training and Assimiltion. We assist large international enterprises, as well as young startups, to optimize their development processes, improve R&D efficiently and provide quicker, move angle response to market changes. Ignite CEO, Aviram Eisenberg is leading the Israeli SD Forum – the only forum in the country for software development managers and is an organized of AgileTour, a leading Agile conference in Israel and Ukraine.
Ignite education program varies from an introduction one day course on Agile development, through Scrum Master (CSM) and Product Owner (CSPO) sertifications and ending with advanced workshop on Agile tools, continuous integration strategies, Distributed Agile and Agile in large enterprises.
Ignite’s assimilation programs combine the best practices of many methodologies: Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean software development and Theoty of Constraints and are designed for quick turn-around of R&D performance to achieve highest goals. Our assimilation strategy is very pragmatic, using hands-on coaches who manage real projects (as opposed to trainers) to customize the best practices of these methodologies to fit the organization needs and not force theoretical concepts that don’t necessarily fit the organization.

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