Project Goal

Working with NEX Group – a UK-based business with a focus on both electronic markets and post-trade business – to coordinate and implement development teams for two distinct technologies.

NEX Group
Flex and C++
Since 2015
Business model:
Dedicated Team


By switching focus to the digital Forex industry, NEX needed to effectively and efficiently extend their development teams via outsourcing.

NEX approached Ignite to manage the introduction of dedicated Flex (frontend) and C++ (backend) development teams.


Ignite started by addressing the challenge of internal culture transfer. The management of NEX understood the importance of sharing culture and knowledge and – working closely with Ignite – helped our outsourced teams to carefully analyze the existing product and industry.

This collaborative approach helped us improve communication and allowed the remote team to buy into the NEX internal business culture.


As an outsourcing partner, we are responsible for both internal processes (backend) and user interface (frontend).

This was a key advantage for Ignite in securing the relationship with NEX, as we were able to provide reliable teams of experts for both elements of the project.

This was in contrast to competing companies, who were only able to offer one or the other with regards to backend and frontend development. Ignite’s developers are now involved in the huge project of bringing NEX to China. And there are further plans to add a Java development team to the outsourced teams in Kyiv.