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Industry Overview

The last three decades in the automotive industry has seen frequent breakthroughs.
As governments worldwide are investing in road safety initiatives, Vehicles have become more reliable, secure and user-friendly. Economic considerations, as well as environmental and policy aspects have all impacted the automotive software development.

Mobility and transport of people and goods is one the great achievements of mankind and securing its sustainable future is essential for global, social and economic development. The largest part of the mobility sector, road transport, is dependent on the vehicles and services which carry the people and goods and support their efficient transport. R&D investments and the commitment of the European automotive industry are focused on topics related to the automotive key challenge areas that have been identified to be:

  • Mobility and Transport
  • Energy and Environment
  • Safety and Security
  • Affordability and Competitiveness
Automotive R&D is becoming more complex, due to the already highly advanced level of technology and to the ever increasing demands of society and the global marketplace. The focus of automotive R&D projects is on producing concrete results for the industry, which can then be further developed or exploited directly in product development. In order to address the challenges as described above, the following R&D areas are in the focus for the automobile industry:
  • Mobility and Transport in Urban Areas, Extra-urban Corridors and Interfaces
  • Enhanced Powertrains and Alternative Fuels
  • Electrification of the Vehicle
  • Safety Applications in Co-operative Systems
  • Suitable Materials and Efficient Manufacturing for Automotive Applications.

However, manufacturers are offered a variety of tools that do not support the trends and special requirements that come with automotive software. Ignite addresses this pain point with tailor-made solutions designed exclusively to meet the complex requirements.

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Take Ignite’s Solutions for a Test Drive

Ignite has proven experience in automotive software development and passion for innovation, and delivery on time and on budget. As such, we love to help players in this field increase efficiency and excel technologically.
Ignite specializes in diverse automotive project, combining an engineering approach with a business perspective. Working with us, companies no longer need to search for much sought-after embedded developers or to invest in costly training programs. Our embedded systems experts design, analyze and optimize processes and software products in increasingly complex real-time environments.
In addition, we help train the new generation of embedded developers. We coach graduates to become embedded engineers, teaching them hands-on best practices. Our training methodology ensures a shorter, more efficient learning curve and quick adaption to the automotive industry and its demands.

Ignite’s Automotive Development areas:

Led by Yoav Wechsler, Head of Automotive Excellence Center, Ignite’s automotive experience can help leverage your operation, allowing you to spend more time on other core activities. Mr. Wechsler brings a vast experience of over two decades R&D Executive, with wide experience in leading large, integrated & global R&D activity worldwide across Israel, China and US.

Mr. Wechsler’s rich and multi-disciplinary management skills include System Engineering, FPGA and large scale of ASIC’s, Application SW, Embedded Software and Hardware (Chassis and Boards design), through all product life-cycle, mass production availability and field deployments. He wrote several patents including 7,649,910 2010 Clock synchronization and distribution over a legacy optical Ethernet.

Ignite can assist you in leading or conducting any of the following automotive projects: PLC’s:

  • INTERBUS connectivity with Allen-Bradley PLC’s – Write a standard software protocol for implementation with PLC backplane communications modules
  • PLC’s and Cameras connection to the Vehicle Controller using SCADA protocol
  • Next Generation PLC’s and Camera Connections using Ethernet connections
  • Driver Behavior
  • Online Vehicle Driving
  • Online Vehicle Parking
  • Vehicle temperature (in/ out) sensor and control
  • Fuel Saving – green vehicle behavior
  • Statistics and reports
Tracking System
  • Tracking and Tracing system especially designed for the automotive industry
  • Mapping, including route replay
  • Dispatching and routing optimization
  • Policy and payroll compliance reporting
  • Configurable dashboards and reports
  • Real-time alerts
  • Access via smartphones or tablets
  • User front-end and a separate transaction handler written in Visual Basic The Track and Trace technology can be adapted to different industries according to the specific requirements. Manufacturers, system integrators are welcome to contact us regarding their unique traceability demands.

Ignite’s Automotive Development Must-Haves:

  • Creating software solutions that are easy to integrate with other systems
  • Building a team with profound knowledge and experience in automotive technologies
  • Adhering to Agile fluency across all team members in both development and business processes
  • Supervision and guidance of Ignite’s CTO provide industry standards and best practices along with usage of novel technologies and information that will help you make the right R&D decisions

Must have

Success Story

E-Drive Technology (EDT) designs and markets automotive telematics systems and provides a wide range of fleet and fuel management solutions. The company has been serving the worldwide commercial fleet management and automotive OEM sectors since its establishment. As an industry innovator, EDT developed a comprehensive system for real-time fleet management and asked Ignite to lead the development. The development was designed to enable real-time remote vehicle control and included hardware and software.
Ignite was asked to take the lead of this project which had great complexity: 8 R&D teams were assigned for the project across 4 continents. Ignite was directly in charge of architecture design , project management and had three dedicated development teams in-charge for the server side, mobile and UX.
The EDT system is currently installed in every General Motors (GM) vehicle in South America.

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