Accelerated BOT relies on our vast connections in Eastern Europe and deep knowledge in establishing offshore development centers. Instead of setup from scratch, the BOT model of outsourcing means we spot the right opportunity and capture an existing R&D infrastructure that suites your requirements.

The benefits of our BOT outsourcing model are compelling. The BOT business model allows you faster ramp-up, lower risk, and lower cost, compared with sidiary setup.

Build-Operate-Transfer outsourcing is not only allow you to minimize risk and maximize momentum, but later on you can acquire the operation and make it your own subsidiary.

If you are ready to explore Build-Operate-Transfer advantages, why not call us today? We will discuss how a Build-Operate-Transfer contract can pave the road to success for your offshore development initiatives.

  • Establishing offshore development centers
  • Recruiting and training the team according to your precise requirements
  • Ensuring the compliance with local laws and regulations

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