5 Development Trends for Investment Banking Software

To say that computer programmers will one day replace investment traders might sound like hyperbole, but don’t laugh — it is already happening. Investment management software is replacing human managers at a surprising rate.

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Impacting the Automotive Industry

Finding applications of artificial intelligence in the automotive industry requires only a scant reading of news headlines. From IBM Watson’s partnership with the General Motors OnStar platform to Toyota’s $1 billion investment in AI-based self-driving technology, the marriage of AI with automotive technology has surely been consummated. It seems that every stakeholder in the automotive industry is looking for a way to capitalize on recent advances in AI technology.

7 Ways Fintechs Use Machine Learning to Outsmart the Competition

It has been said that to give a man a fish is to feed him for a day, whereas to teach a man to fish is to feed him for life. Forward-looking financial service companies are similarly finding that giving computers instructions is not nearly as fruitful as teaching them to write their own. From assessing credit risks to beefing-up the security of their own networks, fintech startups, in particular, are turning to machine learning finance-based solutions in order to work smarter rather than harder.