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5 Approaches to Connected Car App Development

How to develop connected car applications

The growing popularity of connected cars is driving development in a burgeoning new industry: connected car app development. PWC forecasts that sales of connected car services will reach $155.9 billion by 2022, with driver assistance and safety applications capturing the greatest market share. As automobile manufacturers seek ways to offer drivers more infotainment and other connected car solutions, developing a car app may well be the best way for developers to tap a new market in an age-old industry.

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Financial Risk Management Trends and Software Solutions

Risk Management Software Development

Risk management is no longer a buzzword, if it ever was. Slowing economies, social upheavals across the globe, and an uptick in natural disasters highlight the need for corporations to make risk management an integral part of their business strategy, rather than leaving it as a policy footnote.

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5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Impacting the Automotive Industry

Artificial Intelligence in Automotive

Finding applications of artificial intelligence in the automotive industry requires only a scant reading of news headlines. From IBM Watson’s partnership with the General Motors OnStar platform to Toyota’s $1 billion investment in AI-based self-driving technology, the marriage of AI with automotive technology has surely been consummated. It seems that every stakeholder in the automotive industry is looking for a way to capitalize on recent advances in AI technology.

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5 Hot Trends in Trading Platforms Development

Trading Platform Development

Online trading remains hot, accounting for nearly 59.3% of industry revenue. As millennials make up an increasingly large percentage of the investor market, trading platforms will need to meet their expectations, if the growth of online trading is going to continue. While trading institutions depend on competitively low price-per-trade costs and discounted monthly fees to attract customers, trends in trading platform development technology will help drive growth in this market.

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2017 Trends Shaping Insurance Software Development

Insurance Software Development Trends 2017

Revolution is a term that tech writers seem to use a lot these days. Maybe too much. And, yet, it is difficult to describe the changes taking place in the insurance and reinsurance industry without using it. Current trends in insurance software development, stricter and more dynamic regulations, and changing customer expectations are, indeed, having a revolutionary impact on the age-old industry.

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