Captive Unit Outsourcing

With captive outsourcing, Ignite provides the facility, hires and trains the R&D team, and handles issues with local authorities. We then provide ongoing administrative, HR, financial, and legal management of your vertical captive center. As the customer, you retain full control over the professional management of the team, including salaries and bonuses.

The facility and team we provide you will be consistent with your guidelines, development methodologies, and corporate culture. You could say our vertical captive services provide a home away from home for your R&D team. The vertical captive model offers you complete transparency and control in an offshore outsourcing environment, without the challenges of setting up a branch in another country.

Ignite’s captive model of outsourcing is based on a cost-plus base fee. You pay a fixed markup on top of the employees’ wages, and you bear all overhead costs.

Our customers:

  • Creating your virtual captive unit based on our a ready made infrastructure in the Ukraine or Eastern Europe for ensuring your full control over your R&D team
  • Fast ramping time to B.O.T.
  • Providing transparent pricing (management fee separate from the individual operational agreements)
  • Securing your intellectual property

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