Building Your Own VR Team vs. Outsourcing: The Lowdown

Immersive multimedia, computer-simulated life, virtual environment are all the different names of the name phenomenon that is taking the technological world by storm. However perhaps the name you are most familiar with is Virtual Reality.

A miracle of sorts of the computer world, Virtual Reality can essentially be described as a replicated environment that is brought to life through the use of highly specific software and hardware in order to provide a completely immersive sensory experience. By focusing on human senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch as well as taste, the created environments give the users an illusion of having entered a completely new world. While it is widely known that VR is a huge part of the entertainment business, video games being the most prominent use of the concept to date. It is making a huge impact on all influential modalities of life. From healthcare to education and military training, governments and local populations alike are greatly benefiting from the technologically forward Virtual Reality concept.

What’s more is that the upcoming future can expect only bigger and better things for this industry. With the big guns such as Facebook, Samsung, Sony and even Microsoft all involved in the new world revolution that is virtual reality, it’s no surprise that highly promising statistics are coming forth. Various reports and infographics present different numbers predicting the rise of the VR industry in the upcoming years. According to Statista, virtual reality products are expected to bring in a revenue of 5.2 Billion U.S Dollars in the year 2018; a massive increase from the 90 million Dollar total of 2014.

Now some might wonder why there has been such a boom of VR equipment in the recent years and why is it expected to be even bigger in the years to come. After all, the concept of Virtual Reality has been around since the early 90’s. The answer is simple. Technological advances have made it possible to have access to VR practically everywhere. Less bulky and less expensive hardware, highly developed graphics as well as the existence of VR sensors in mobile devices has opened up a whole new world of Virtual Reality to explore.

VR Development: The Factors to Consider

Considering the potential for success in this particular industry, and the penetration of Virtual Reality devices in all working sectors, everyone is considering jumping on the VR bandwagon. It’s a natural progression, we suppose.

Given the hardware and software options available in the market nowadays, it’s easy how one can assume that building a virtual reality product may be an easy game. Unfortunately, it isn’t.

If you consider building a VR application, there is so much more to contemplate than just what it should consist of. Designs, development process, sensors involved, the imaging, processing and a whole bunch of other stuff goes into app development. And for each and every single one of those disciplines, one has to consider the expertise and costs. It’s almost impossible to expect one individual to be able to cover every aspect of development. So for one simple application one would need a gaming expert, an art expert, and a sensors expert. Add to that an image and speech expert and your application building costs go exponentially high.

Outsourcing and Its Benefits

Now that you’re aware of the expertise and costs you need to take into consideration for Virtual Reality application development, let’s talk about a possible solution to a whole host of problems: software outsourcing.

Subcontracting a business process to an unrelated third party is known as outsourcing and it is one of the most popular practices in application development these days, virtual reality or otherwise. One of the main reasons to consider outsourcing a project for any employer, is obviously money. Third party employment is a significantly cheaper option than hiring one’s own team. However, that is not the one driving influence. There are various other factors that make this practice a beneficial one for businesses of various sectors. These factors include but are not limited to:

  • Flexibility
  • Value
  • Overhead Costs
  • Competitive Expertise


Outsourcing offers a company the flexibility of hiring employees on a temporary basis. You hire someone to only do the specific task and be done. As an employer subcontracting to a third party allows you to be free of all emotional, or practical boundaries of having employees. What’s more, if you remain unsatisfied with the work you can easily opt for someone else.


By offshore outsourcing tasks to a third party employee, for companies that do have internal employees, you can create more value to your work and ultimately to your business. The internal employee focuses only on tasks of utmost importance while all the rest is taken off their plate and shifted externally.

Overhead Costs

Offshore Outsourcing for virtual reality development is one of the best ways of reducing overhead costs. Employers don’t have to worry about hiring and then letting go employees after every project, nor do they have to pay for all development application licenses and hardware for every employee. The vendor is responsible for providing the materials necessary for their own teams hence relieving you of any and all team management issues.

Competitive Expertise

One of the most beneficial aspects of offshore outsourcing is the expertise it provides. When a company decides to outsource, they get to pick the cream of the crop when it comes to different specialities. For any given project, any vendor will provide a dedicated team of professionals that focus that focus on the task at hand individually. Outsourcing gives employers access to the best workers in the field virtually without having to relocate in order to search for expert virtual reality developers or settle for and recruit local talent only.

How Ignite Can Help?

Ignite, a global provider of cutting-edge technology, consists of a team of professionals that are highly specific in their area of expertise. At affordable costs and under one roof, you find a group of extremely experienced Virtual Reality development artists. Each of our experts specialize in their own particular field, such as Game Development – Unity and Unreal both, Design Art, Gyro and Accelerometer Sensors, Speech Recognition and Image Processing.

If you are convinced that outsourcing Virtual Reality development is the right direction for your business to take, feel free to go ahead and get in touch with Ignite today. Let’s get started!

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