Dedicated R&D Team

Ignite allows you to hire a dedicated team that will work exclusively on your projects. The value in this approach is your team’s accumulated knowledge of your domain. Rather than assembling a new group of developers for each project, when you hire a dedicated developer team, you have an extended R&D group that is an extension of your own IT group. If your product requires long-term commitment, you are assured the same software development group start to finish.

Other dedicated team advantages includes reduced development time, better communication, and less rework — all of which can reduce your cost while improving the quality of your product. Ignite’s dedicated team model also allows you great greater flexibility, since you maintain a close relationship with the developers throughout the process.

Our customers:

  • Securing visibility and clarity on progress
  • Running long-term projects as it increases and retains domain knowledge
  • Facilitating team cohesion and collaboration
  • Providing access to Ignite’s experienced technology experts with diverse domains of expertise
  • Providing CTO’s supervision and guidance of the team free of charge

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