Competence Center


Ignite is deeply committed to helping IT students...

...and new graduates start their careers. As a demonstration of that commitment, we have launched the Ignite Competence Center. The Competence Center includes no-cost advanced instruction on topics relevant to the IT field, followed by real-world work experience and opportunities for employment later.

The first Competence Center, which included a three-month course on advanced JavaScript, concluded in the autumn of 2016. As with all Competence Centers, top graduates were offered paid internships with Ignite, where they work on actual IT projects within an established company. Participants gain valuable skills as they are mentored by experienced world-class developers.

  • No tuition fee
  • Relevant languages and frameworks
  • Real life project cases
  • Job offer for best students
Oleksandr Petryk

Oleksandr Petryk

“I help our students to get the knowledge needed for building their IT career” “We select the brighest minds from Competence Centers for our global projects”
Kateryna Petrova

Kateryna Petrova


How to Join

The registration period for the 3rd Ignite Competence Center opens on Sep-10, 2017. To not miss your opportunity, sign up to our mailing list or follow Ignite in social media.

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