Video Gallery

Video: Making Money from Your Mobile App

Not sure how to make money from your mobile app? Learn from Ignite’s Aviram Eisenberg presentation at UA Mobile 2014.


Video: Codename One – Write Once, Run Anywhere

Is the good time of Java world “Write once, run anywhere” coming back? Codename One is the only Java iOS tool that currently comes close to this concept. Java bytecode is translated to native C/ObjC code and compiled using Xcode for seamless mobile application development. Watch the review of this open-source platform to learn its capabilities.


Video: Ukraine – from IT to High Tech

Does Ukraine have the potential to develop new high-tech products and not just provide development services? Aviram Eisenberg, CEO & founder of Ignite, shared his optimistic vision of the Ukrainian future on #IDCEE conference in Kyiv. The point is that Ukraine should follow Israel’s path and become the next “startup nation“. Learn why and how it is possible from the video.


Video: Outsourcing Industry Discussions at IDCEE 2014

The tech panel of this year #IDCEE conference remained in the memory by the discussion of current importance. Aviram Eisenberg, founder and CEO of Ignite, together with other leaders of IT industry talked about pros and cons of software outsourcing and Ukraine’s place in it. So, to do in-house or outsource? Watch the video to learn.