Top 5 Priorities of How to Choose an Outsourcing Vendor

Outsourcing IT, particularly software development, is a proven way for tech firms to boost productivity, decrease development time, and overall stay on top of the competition.

How to Apply Biometrics in Banking Sector

The era of passwords, PINs, and security questions is drawing to a close. At least, as far as banking and other financial services are concerned. With one major institution after another reporting that their customers’ information has been compromised, and with customers growing increasingly weary of remembering security credentials, institutions are turning to biometrics to authenticate customers. The growth of biometrics in banking is not only important to banks and their customers, it should be a top consideration for any fintech startup entering the financial sector.

Indoor Navigation – 5 Things to Learn Before Launching your Startup

Analysts at PR Newswire forecast 36.5% growth in the indoor navigation market over the next few years, turning this currently niche market into a multi-million dollar industry. This means that now is an ideal time to consider getting into the market, and a safe time to reinvest in updating, maintaining, or diversifying any currently employed indoor positioning system.

10 Ukrainian Startups that are Revolutionizing the Tech Industry

The startup scene is booming in Ukraine. The country's $5 billion IT industry is home to a thriving economy of unique talent, innovative ideas, and investors willing to fund the next big thing in tech. Over 780 companies have their roots in Ukraine's startup sector, and many of these companies - such as job board Jooble and image recognition company Viewdle - have gone on to receive international success. With so much opportunity, it's easy to see why Ukraine is a hotbed for entrepreneurs. We'll look at some of the country's hottest tech startups and how their ideas are shaking global markets.

Is Ukraine the World’s Smartest Startup Nation?

From Silicon Valley to Silicon Wadi, Startup companies have taken the world by storm in recent years. With the IT industry being at a global all-time high, there's no better place to be than in the midst of a nation that's just about to bloom into the world's next startup capital. Although industry experts are well aware of the talent and innovation coming out of Ukraine, the rest of the world may still be surprised when they hear the facts. Ukraine's IT industry is currently valued at well over $5 billion, and for a country involved in hybrid war, that's certainly impressive! The country also has over 2,000 startups and over 50,000 highly skilled engineers employed by local Ukrainian IT firms, not to mention the developers employed internationally.