Automated recognition systems are at a highly developed level nowadays. This is an interesting and challenging area of innovation that might be able to fill the gaps of your business’s security systems. Combining human and artificial intelligence, contemporary systems are state of the art creations. No fiction, just pure science – you can learn more about the industry leaders and the general trends of the market by browsing our blog. We are committed to provide the latest and hottest info on recognition solutions that concerns us and hopefully you, too.

Case Study: a Network Monitoring System for Orbograph

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The Client: Orbograph is the leading developer of recognition solutions for the U.S. check processing market. Orbograph’s technologies are in use at nearly 1000 institutions, processing millions of items each day. From powerful recognition tools to advanced Image Quality, Usability & Integrity Assurance solutions, Orbograph combines human & artificial intelligence to achieve “total automation.”

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