Payment processing solutions might be a politically correct but still a very nimble expression. Turn it around, saying: how vital do you feel about keeping your cash-flow under the best possible control? Now, this is the topic we cover in this section of our blog. Learn more about how you can realize cost reduction and improve transaction quality through, for example, applying SAAS solutions. We are committed to provide the latest and hottest info on payment processing solutions that concerns us and hopefully you, too.

5 Ways Banks Can Benefit From Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology in Banking and Custom Development

Few Fintech technologies have disrupted the banking industry more than blockchain. Developed as the database platform for Bitcoin, blockchain technology has matured into a viable alternative to traditional channels of financial transactions. Once banks realized that they could either find ways to utilize blockchain technology or else they would be circumvented by it, they began exploring how blockchain solutions for banking might allow them to remain relevant.

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5 Hot Trends in Trading Platforms Development

Trading Platform Development

Online trading remains hot, accounting for nearly 59.3% of industry revenue. As millennials make up an increasingly large percentage of the investor market, trading platforms will need to meet their expectations, if the growth of online trading is going to continue. While trading institutions depend on competitively low price-per-trade costs and discounted monthly fees to attract customers, trends in trading platform development technology will help drive growth in this market.

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2017 Trends Shaping Insurance Software Development

Insurance Software Development Trends 2017

Revolution is a term that tech writers seem to use a lot these days. Maybe too much. And, yet, it is difficult to describe the changes taking place in the insurance and reinsurance industry without using it. Current trends in insurance software development, stricter and more dynamic regulations, and changing customer expectations are, indeed, having a revolutionary impact on the age-old industry.

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E-Procurement Platforms – 5 New Development Trends to Consider

E-procurement Trends and custom development solutions

A revolution in procurement processes is quietly underway. For more than five years, electronic procurement, or e-procurement, has been a requirement for companies wanting to do business with the U.S. government. Recently, the EU has established a timeline for digitizing all phases of the procurement process within the EU. Even so, for stakeholders already in the game, and for new arrivals, trends in technology are rapidly reshaping how governments and businesses transact business with one another.

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P2P (Peer to Peer) Currency Exchange Trends for Fintech Developers

P2P Currency Exchange trends and development solutions

Driven by the growing global marketplace and the high exchange rates of banks, Fintech startups are disrupting yet another financial service sector: P2P currency exchanges. By connecting buyers and sellers of currencies without banks handling the transactions, these fintechs are carving out a nice niche for themselves. Not only do they attract customers with their lower fees, but many also offer a greater range of options than banks ever considered.

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