Follow the trends of one of the most dynamic contemporary industry. Online gaming has created unbelievable success stories in the recent years and nothing suggests that this spectacular run is anywhere near to its ending. After all, what could hold back the development of an industry that is less about being a serious business than being pure fun? Ever had a game in mind? Learn more about how to realize your dream and reach millions of potential users with the help offered by experts. We are committed to provide the latest and hottest info on the online gaming sphere that concerns us and hopefully you, too.

Virtual Talks About Gambling Reality at ICE 2016

ice 2016

Crowds of people at this year ICE summit on February 2nd-4th are a vivid example of constantly rising interest to the industry and growing scale of event. Nine sectors of exhibition attract thousands of visitors coming to this big show around the world. Some of them came here with a demand; others to show their own product, but all of them create the latest trends in the industry of gaming. Ignite’s CEO – Aviram Eisenberg gives us a 360 degree look on what is top of mind this year:

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When It Comes to Betting Platform Development – Don’t Gamble

online betting platform

The juggernaut of online betting shows no signs of slowing, with the market volume forecast to hit $56.05 billion by the year 2018, more than doubling since 2009. This is undoubtedly thanks in large part to a shift in technology, with more and more people accessing online betting platforms via their smartphone and tablet devices. In fact, by 2018, it is estimated that mobile betting will exceed $100 billion in wagers placed.

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Do Online Lottery Platforms Make Sense? You Bet!

Development services for online lottery platforms

Despite sluggish economies around the globe – or perhaps because of them, lottery sales worldwide experienced a notable 8% surge last year. Such rapid growth in any $275 billion industry is sure to turn heads. When it occurs in an established industry that has only begun to tap into the digital marketplace, it will leave heads spinning. Such is the situation with digital lotteries.

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Bring Your Apps Into the Third Dimension with 3D Touch

Apple 3D Touch technology potential for mobile application development

With the release of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Apple has added a new dimension of interactivity to smartphones. 3D Touch is a pressure detection system that adds an extra layer of input to users and mobile app developers. By measuring varying amounts of force applied by the user’s fingers, Apple has made it possible to design apps with intuitive multi-layered interfaces. This opens up the potential for games and apps that support full three-dimensional interfaces without the user having to lift a finger.

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How Internet Of Things Will Transform Online Gaming

Internet of Things in Game Development Industry

Hot off the heels of “the Cloud” is the tech world’s next big buzzword: the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things promises to transform the way we live by connecting sensors, appliances, and other electronics to each other through local networks and the Internet at large. It’s a way for individuals, businesses, and governments to automatically and seamlessly share and collect data on an unprecedented scale. For gaming operators, it’s an opportunity to engage with players through a promising and highly-rewarding channel. (more…)