5 Trends in Blockchain and Bitcoin App Development

The demand for blockchain and bitcoin developers, and the solutions they can provide, is greatly outstepping the supply. The slow-but-steady acceptance of bitcoins by both large and small companies has created the need for Bitcoin payment applications, as well as for various other Bitcoin application development solutions.

5 Development Trends for Investment Banking Software

To say that computer programmers will one day replace investment traders might sound like hyperbole, but don’t laugh — it is already happening. Investment management software is replacing human managers at a surprising rate.

5 Ways Banks Can Benefit From Blockchain Technology

Few Fintech technologies have disrupted the banking industry more than blockchain. Developed as the database platform for Bitcoin, blockchain technology has matured into a viable alternative to traditional channels of financial transactions. Once banks realized that they could either find ways to utilize blockchain technology or else they would be circumvented by it, they began exploring how blockchain solutions for banking might allow them to remain relevant.

Financial Risk Management Trends and Software Solutions

Risk management is no longer a buzzword, if it ever was. Slowing economies, social upheavals across the globe, and an uptick in natural disasters highlight the need for corporations to make risk management an integral part of their business strategy, rather than leaving it as a policy footnote.

5 Hot Trends in Trading Platforms Development

Online trading remains hot, accounting for nearly 59.3% of industry revenue. As millennials make up an increasingly large percentage of the investor market, trading platforms will need to meet their expectations, if the growth of online trading is going to continue. While trading institutions depend on competitively low price-per-trade costs and discounted monthly fees to attract customers, trends in trading platform development technology will help drive growth in this market.