A Beacon of Hope for Retail Customer Engagement

Retail beacons are bluetooth enabled devices that are able to interact with customers through their smartphones to create a contextually enhanced in-store shopping experience. Top retailers have used beacons for a wide variety of use cases including indoor navigation, proximity payments, pushing proximity based ads, and even gathering analytics about where customers are moving within their brick and mortar locations.

Direct Carrier Billing: The New Way to Pay?

If asked which technology had owned up to its promise to simplify the lives of its users, few people would point to the cell phone. With the relentless barrage of emails, texts, account balance alerts, and voicemail messages, the cell phone seems to have given us more to do rather than less. Even mobile payment processing has become a confusing mesh of technologies that do not always get along well with others. For once, wouldn't it be nice if your cell phone offered a way to actually saved you time?

Case Study: eCommerce SAAS for Mercado

Mercado is a leading software vendor of eCommerce solutions. Whether you are a large multi-channel retailer, pure-play Internet retailer, small to medium-sized business (SMB), or you engage in business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce, Mercado Ignition enable retailers to attract new shoppers, transform browsers into buyers, and deliver a new level of customer engagement resulting in higher retention rates. Mercado Ignition changes how people shop through flexible search & navigation, merchandising strategies, SEO, social content such as reviews and ratings.