Connected Car Hacking and 5 Cyber Security Tips

The automobile industry is poised for its first technological revolution. Unlike any previous automotive advancement, connected car technology will soon change the very purpose of the vehicle. Rather than merely taking us from point A to Point B, vehicles will now be capable of ordering our meals — and paying for them, scheduling their own repairs at the service center, and even communicating with IoT-enabled devices within our homes. But the new generation of automobiles come with some potentially deadly cargo: the potential for connected car hacking.

Automotive Cyber Security Implications for Custom Development Solutions

While automakers scramble to explore how IoT can be exploited for the advancement of connected car services and features, addressing cyber security for automotive applications has become an equal priority. The pressing need to protect connected vehicles from a wide range of cyber threats has spawned a burgeoning new industry: automotive cyber security.

How to Apply Biometrics in Banking Sector

The era of passwords, PINs, and security questions is drawing to a close. At least, as far as banking and other financial services are concerned. With one major institution after another reporting that their customers’ information has been compromised, and with customers growing increasingly weary of remembering security credentials, institutions are turning to biometrics to authenticate customers. The growth of biometrics in banking is not only important to banks and their customers, it should be a top consideration for any fintech startup entering the financial sector.

Regaining Customer Confidence with Payment Tokenization Technology

In 2013, Target announced that hackers breached 40 million card accounts, affecting more than 70 million customers. Ultimately, the retail mammoth would rack up $162 million in related expenses, including setting a $10 million class-action lawsuit for letting it happen.

Security Puzzles at InfoSec 2014

Aviram Eisenberg hosted Giora Rosenzweig at the "InfoSec in CyberSpace" conference (Airport City, Israel - May 15, 2014) where we presented Ignite Cyber Patrol new service.