Why Big Data is a Big Deal to the Connected Car Industry

With the road wide open for connected vehicles, it is becoming clear that big data will be along for the ride. And we don’t mean in the back seat. In this article, we are going to take a look at how the connected car big data partnership will benefit consumers, and how big data might actually drive growth in this new market.

Financial Risk Management Trends and Software Solutions

Risk management is no longer a buzzword, if it ever was. Slowing economies, social upheavals across the globe, and an uptick in natural disasters highlight the need for corporations to make risk management an integral part of their business strategy, rather than leaving it as a policy footnote.

2017 Trends Shaping Insurance Software Development

Revolution is a term that tech writers seem to use a lot these days. Maybe too much. And, yet, it is difficult to describe the changes taking place in the insurance and reinsurance industry without using it. Current trends in insurance software development, stricter and more dynamic regulations, and changing customer expectations are, indeed, having a revolutionary impact on the age-old industry.

E-Procurement Platforms – 5 New Development Trends to Consider

A revolution in procurement processes is quietly underway. For more than five years, electronic procurement, or e-procurement, has been a requirement for companies wanting to do business with the U.S. government. Recently, the EU has established a timeline for digitizing all phases of the procurement process within the EU. Even so, for stakeholders already in the game, and for new arrivals, trends in technology are rapidly reshaping how governments and businesses transact business with one another.

7 Big Data Developer Opportunities in Financial Trading

In today’s world of financial trading, nothing is bigger than big data, and for good reason. For an industry whose lifeblood is data, the ability to access and analyze huge and ever changing datasets represents nothing less than the new holy grail. Investment institutions are not just big on the idea of using big data to their advantage, they are investing heavily in the technology to make it happen.

The Fundamental Rules for Recruiting Big Data Experts

A job title that you may have heard recently is that of a ‘Big Data Developer’. But what does that mean exactly? Is it a developer who can also analyze data? Or is it a developer who knows Business Intelligence and statistics like the back of their hand? Are Big Data Developers masters of data visualization?