Global Delivery Model

Global Delivery

Offshore outsourcing is booming. This trend has been transforming the IT industry since its’ inception in the 1990w and it’s here to stay: Outsourced services are expanding – from call centers to software solutions and business process re-engineering. Outsourcing IT and other software projects abroad promises substantial savings— over 50% savings according to some estimates. While the benefits are significant, there are many risks involved, when communication could be a potential barrier.

Commitment to Clear Communication

Fully aware of this issue, Ignite created delivery models that combine the clarity of communications of onsite projects with the cost-effectiveness of offshore conduct. Our experienced team bridges the communication gaps that are typical to offshore development. Both our onsite and offshore teams have years of experience working together on software development projects, committed to delivery on time and on budget. While the majority of the development and testing is done offshore in our Eastern European sites by our skilled teams, your Ignite project manager closely supervises the work to ensure top quality and to stay with the finger on the pulse of the ever-changing software project. Our project managers are constantly monitoring the project, making sure your requirements are met.


Delivery Models

There are several delivery strategies that can be employed in Software Outsourcing:

  1. Onsite – In this model, the outsourcing vendor places experienced professionals at your site to perform pre-defined tasks such as requirement analysis, specifications development, implementation, testing, maintenance or the execution of the entire project.

  2. Offsite The customer’s headquarters. The outsourcing vendor bears the cost of office space, computers and materials, ensuring your project gets all the resources required for its successful completion.

  3. Offshore – The entire project is carried out in a different country which offers lower labour costs. The progress is monitored through scheduled meetings and lesser face-to-face contact. On the other hand, it is less flexible to shifts in the scope of the project.

  4. Nearshore – This is a variant of Offshore delivery model where the offshore vendor is located in a country close to the customer’s country. This model allows having more frequent travels between the sites at a cost-effectively reducing the communication overhead to a minimum.

Western European countries outsourcing to an Eastern European country is a typical example of how this model is deployed. Contact us to learn more about nearshoring examples.

The Onsite-Offshore Delivery Model
Also known as the Hybrid model, this strategy integrates the benefits of onsite and offshore delivery. The Hybrid model provides the cost-effectiveness of the offshore model as well as the face-to-face contact crucial to preventing communication gaps and ensuring your projects’ success. The ultimate solution is usually the integrated Onsite-Nearshore as it is usually as effective as Onsite yet it offers the cost-effciency of offshore development.

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