Agile Fixed Price

This happens on a daily basis to R&D teams worldwide: They face a situation where fixed-price projects only have a set beginning. Since projects evolve many times in unexpected ways, quality is undermined and the end results are often compromised. In addition, the traditional fixed-price model doesn’t accommodate flexibility, clarity and dynamic decision making. At the end of the day, a big project could prove not to work as planned.

In order to eliminate such risks – Ignite offers Agile Fixed Price model. The customer defines the requirements and cost and duration are determined accordingly. There’s a commitment to delivery, on scope, on time and on budget.


Ignite’s Agile Fixed Price Model:

Frequent releases. Incremental delivery. More Value.

Ignite’s Agile Fixed Price Model takes flexibility to the next level. You get to dynamically define the plan, priorities and progress. We build a professional R&D team to best address the project’s requirements. With years of experience, hundreds of projects and expertise in diverse industries and verticals, Ignite knows which skill set is required for your project. It is our passion and profession to the best in class to deliver for you. As flexibility is the name of the game in software development, we plan the project deliverables with frequent incremental releases. It allows customers to check out the software, app or web site in increments, use it, test it, learn from it and make educated decisions.

The clarity Ignite’s Agile Fixed Price model provides the freedom to change plans on-the-go. From both quality and business perspectives, ultimately this may result in a better, more robust delivery.

  • Under agile fixed-price model, R&D teams get much more than flexibility and clarity :Customers are guaranteed that price and timing are predefined and fixed yet still enjoy flexibility in the scope and prioritization
  • Quality is not compromised
  • Companies have greater visibility into the state of the project and see progress earlier than in other models
  • Customers get value earlier from their software
  • Requirements can easily be altered and adapted
  • Some decisions could be changed or postponed


Ignite’s Agile Fixed Price – see the advantages for yourself:

Agile Fixed Price is more results centric
Traditional “Design First” vs. Agile Methodology.


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