Top 10 Reasons to Outsource Development for Your IT Startup

There has been a lot of discussion lately on whether or not startups should outsource their IT development. There are strong proponents for both sides which may lead startup founders to confusion and making poor decisions when they should be absolutely clear about where they want their company to go. It is true that you will find outsourcing vendors with untrustworthy, unprofessional staff that don’t care about anything else other than getting their paycheck, but that is not the whole story. While some of the many concerns against outsourcing are based in reality, the truth this there are many good, quality outsourcing companies that you can use for all your development needs.

What Are Your Cost Savings from IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing your IT needs can help your company realize plenty of cost savings. Many organizations are moving to outsourcing their computing needs. One of the primary reasons is due to overall cost savings from outsourcing IT. But where should you outsource your IT needs? That is, what country or region of the world offers high quality, yet affordable IT outsourcing fees?

How to Mitigate IT Outsourcing Risk Factors

Change is always difficult. Add to that any risk factors when considering outsourcing to a third-party IT provider and it can become downright scary. While there are many benefits for companies to outsource their IT needs, naturally there are going to be outsourcing risks with the process. These risks may include loss of control of processes and management, impact on overall quality, and hidden IT outsourcing costs.

Aviram Eisenberg: Ukraine – the Next Startup Nation

"Ukraine's well-educated, highly-skilled workforce and low labor costs provide an ideal environment for businesses to prosper", - Silviu Popovici, General Manager of Coca-Cola.

I could not agree more with you!!!, that's why I moved from Israel to Ukraine as soon as Maidan started (people say I'm crazy, I say: “I'm a helpless optimist). As a high-tech professional for the last 30 years, Chief Architect at Mind CTI, Founder and CEO of three High-Tech companies: Ignite, Cloudware and APPR and the Chairman of the Israeli R&D Managers Forum, I believe Ukraine has the potential to be the next startup nation!