5 Trends in Blockchain and Bitcoin App Development

Bitcoin App Development trends 2017

The demand for blockchain and bitcoin developers, and the solutions they can provide, is greatly outstepping the supply. The slow-but-steady acceptance of bitcoins by both large and small companies has created the need for Bitcoin payment applications, as well as for various other Bitcoin application development solutions.

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Automotive Cyber Security Implications for Custom Development Solutions

Automotive Cyber Security and Software Development

While automakers scramble to explore how IoT can be exploited for the advancement of connected car services and features, addressing cyber security for automotive applications has become an equal priority. The pressing need to protect connected vehicles from a wide range of cyber threats has spawned a burgeoning new industry: automotive cyber security.

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5 Development Trends for Investment Banking Software

Investement Banking Software Development Trends

To say that computer programmers will one day replace investment traders might sound like hyperbole, but don’t laugh — it is already happening. Investment management software is replacing human managers at a surprising rate.

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5 Ways Connected Car Technology is Impacting Fleet Management

Connected Car Technology and Fleet Management

Here’s a riddle: What vehicle technology can result a 97% reduction in speeding, a 7% improvement in fuel economy, and a 47% reduction in accidents? If you guessed connected car, congratulations — you understand the huge impact that Internet of Things (IoT) technology is having on fleet management.

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5 Ways Banks Can Benefit From Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology in Banking and Custom Development

Few Fintech technologies have disrupted the banking industry more than blockchain. Developed as the database platform for Bitcoin, blockchain technology has matured into a viable alternative to traditional channels of financial transactions. Once banks realized that they could either find ways to utilize blockchain technology or else they would be circumvented by it, they began exploring how blockchain solutions for banking might allow them to remain relevant.

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