Debt Management Software Means Golden Opportunities for Business

Software development is a simple affair, really. You identify a problem, and you write a software application that solves it. If you are lucky, you will be the first to solve the problem in this way. But even if others get there ahead of you, the opportunity remains for you to take ground, if the problem is big enough. And so it is with the problem of debt, and why debt management software may be ground worth taking for the innovative developer.

7 Ways Fintechs Use Machine Learning to Outsmart the Competition

It has been said that to give a man a fish is to feed him for a day, whereas to teach a man to fish is to feed him for life. Forward-looking financial service companies are similarly finding that giving computers instructions is not nearly as fruitful as teaching them to write their own. From assessing credit risks to beefing-up the security of their own networks, fintech startups, in particular, are turning to machine learning finance-based solutions in order to work smarter rather than harder.

How to Apply Biometrics in Banking Sector

The era of passwords, PINs, and security questions is drawing to a close. At least, as far as banking and other financial services are concerned. With one major institution after another reporting that their customers’ information has been compromised, and with customers growing increasingly weary of remembering security credentials, institutions are turning to biometrics to authenticate customers. The growth of biometrics in banking is not only important to banks and their customers, it should be a top consideration for any fintech startup entering the financial sector.

What Makes Scrum the Superior Project Management Platform?

The process of developing modern software applications has become nearly as complex as the programs themselves. Project managers increasingly find themselves challenged to balance changing customer demands, vagueness in the design process, and deadlines that are seldom based on accurate assessments of what’s required to complete the project. Various project management and estimation tools have been developed, with varying degrees of success, but most focus on tweaking the standard sequential process of software development known as the waterfall method. In this article, we will examine the advantages of Scrum, and we will see why it provides a win-win situation for both client and developer.

The Fundamental Rules for Recruiting Big Data Experts

A job title that you may have heard recently is that of a ‘Big Data Developer’. But what does that mean exactly? Is it a developer who can also analyze data? Or is it a developer who knows Business Intelligence and statistics like the back of their hand? Are Big Data Developers masters of data visualization?

Interactive Multi-Touch Displays – An $8 Billion Opportunity at Your Fingertips

Global Industry Analytics projects the global multi-touch screen market to reach $8 billion by 2020. Not only is the growth being spurred by recent advances in hardware technology, but interactive display software development, the growth of Big Data, and improvements in Rich content creation have merged to redefine what a touch screen is.

Building Your Own VR Team vs. Outsourcing: The Lowdown

Immersive multimedia, computer-simulated life, virtual environment are all the different names of the name phenomenon that is taking the technological world by storm. However perhaps the name you are most familiar with is Virtual Reality.

A Beacon of Hope for Retail Customer Engagement

Retail beacons are bluetooth enabled devices that are able to interact with customers through their smartphones to create a contextually enhanced in-store shopping experience. Top retailers have used beacons for a wide variety of use cases including indoor navigation, proximity payments, pushing proximity based ads, and even gathering analytics about where customers are moving within their brick and mortar locations.

When It Comes to Betting Platform Development – Don’t Gamble

The juggernaut of online betting shows no signs of slowing, with the market volume forecast to hit $56.05 billion by the year 2018, more than doubling since 2009. This is undoubtedly thanks in large part to a shift in technology, with more and more people accessing online betting platforms via their smartphone and tablet devices. In fact, by 2018, it is estimated that mobile betting will exceed $100 billion in wagers placed.

Direct Carrier Billing: The New Way to Pay?

If asked which technology had owned up to its promise to simplify the lives of its users, few people would point to the cell phone. With the relentless barrage of emails, texts, account balance alerts, and voicemail messages, the cell phone seems to have given us more to do rather than less. Even mobile payment processing has become a confusing mesh of technologies that do not always get along well with others. For once, wouldn't it be nice if your cell phone offered a way to actually saved you time?

Do Online Lottery Platforms Make Sense? You Bet!

Despite sluggish economies around the globe - or perhaps because of them, lottery sales worldwide experienced a notable 8% surge last year. Such rapid growth in any $275 billion industry is sure to turn heads. When it occurs in an established industry that has only begun to tap into the digital marketplace, it will leave heads spinning. Such is the situation with digital lotteries.

Indoor Navigation – 5 Things to Learn Before Launching your Startup

Analysts at PR Newswire forecast 36.5% growth in the indoor navigation market over the next few years, turning this currently niche market into a multi-million dollar industry. This means that now is an ideal time to consider getting into the market, and a safe time to reinvest in updating, maintaining, or diversifying any currently employed indoor positioning system.

Peer-to-Peer Lending: Turning the Tables on Traditional Banks

Benjamin Franklin said, "Out of adversity comes opportunity." We may not know what prompted Franklin to make this observation, but, if he were alive today, he might very well be speaking of peer-to-peer (P2P) lending.