Aviram Eisenberg: Ukraine – the Next Startup Nation


“Ukraine’s well-educated, highly-skilled workforce and low labor costs provide an ideal environment for businesses to prosper”, – Silviu Popovici, General Manager of Coca-Cola.

I could not agree more with you!!!, that’s why I moved from Israel to Ukraine as soon as Maidan started (people say I’m crazy, I say: “I’m a helpless optimist). As a high-tech professional for the last 30 years, Chief Architect at Mind CTI, Founder and CEO of three High-Tech companies: Ignite, Cloudware and APPR and the Chairman of the Israeli R&D Managers Forum, I believe Ukraine has the potential to be the next startup nation!

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The Impact of the Ukraine Crisis on Its IT Market

The impact of the Ukraine crisis on its IT Market

Aviram Eisenberg, CEO of Ignite: "I have done business in Ukraine for quite some time now and I must confess I saw the country’s great potential, took a bet and won. Nowadays, the rapid developments in Ukraine, including protests that pushed out Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovych and Russia’s subsequent moves in Crimea, have drawn international attention to the region… but didn’t manage to scare me off!"

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Engaging New Battles in Online Gaming

Online gambling trends

Aviram Eisenberg, CEO of Ignite: "EIG 2013 showed off a pretty boring face this year comparing to what ICE had to offer. This pan European conference did a great job in taking out all the excitement from the gaming industry and made the conference look more like a banking conference… so go on guys, let’s take a dive into the world of figures and get ready for a nap!"

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