Top 5 Offshore Development Best Practices – 2017 Edition

Offshore Development - best practices 2017

Most tech executives have learned that software outsourcing is the way of the future. However, many companies struggle to determine the best practices for offshore development.

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Considering Outsourcing? India vs. Ukraine: Pros and Cons

India vs. Ukraine - where should you Outsource?
It’s no secret that IT outsourcing is one of the best ways for a business to boost its technological edge and general productivity. Some of the greatest tech innovations of the last ten years were conceived in the US, Europe, or Israel, then developed into real products in places like India or Ukraine. (more…) READ MORE

Top 5 Priorities of How to Choose an Outsourcing Vendor

How to choose the best software outsourcing vendor

Outsourcing IT, particularly software development, is a proven way for tech firms to boost productivity, decrease development time, and overall stay on top of the competition.

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5 Ways to Successfully Leverage Ukrainian R&D

Managing R&D Outsourcing Center in Ukraine

Ukraine presents a massive opportunity for today’s tech companies, especially those based in relatively nearby nations such as Israel.

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7 Reasons for Israeli Firms to Outsource to Ukraine

7 reasons for Israeli firms to outsource to Ukraine

Among software firms, it’s common knowledge that Ukraine is quickly becoming the #1 outsourcing destination. According to the European Business Association, the IT outsourcing market in Ukraine grew by 15-20% in 2016, and could double in 2017.

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