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APPR – 1-Stop Shop for Mobile App Design, Development and Promotion


Rishon LeZion, February 19, 2015 – Israeli based companies have launched “APPR”, a one-stop shop for mobile app design, development and promotion.

Nowadays humanity is living in a new spin of merger with a digital reality. People continue to explore new possibilities of the virtual and digital world to complement day-to-day human activities in the workplace, household, communication, leisure and entertainment. In this booming industry the most popular and sometimes the first window and a contact point to this world is a smartphone, therefore every business is planning to have a mobile app as part of its market offering. However, the market of mobile devices and apps is remaining extremely fragmented: around 11K types of gadgets, 1.5+ million apps in stores, tenths of platforms and technical options for the project implementation. In order to be successful those apps must meet such standards as rich functionality, ease of use and cross-platform operability. With the purpose of assisting the enterprises and startups to go mobile, successfully launch and promote new apps, Ignite, Dogma and Ignite Cloudware have started an Israeli-based joint venture “APPR”, a specialized boutique of solutions for mobile user experience, mobile development and application promotion.

“Satisfying the need for independency from location and stationary infrastructure, mobile devices are continually saturate the daily life of every person. In addition to “connected people” there has emerged a concept of “connected devices”. The mobile segment did not reach maturity yet. There is a chaos of different mobile technologies: native development, HTML5-based responsive mobile sites, cross-platform technologies such as PhoneGap, Xamarin, CodeNameOne and Appcelerator. The technology selection decision is becoming more and more complex. Ignite, as a seasoned software development company with offshore R&D centers in Ukraine, allocated to APPR its best mobile developers to help companies make the right choice looking at the present market and fitting the solution for future trends.”, says Aviram Eisenberg, founder & CEO of Ignite. His words are complemented by Idit Mishan, the founder of Dogma and a new CEO of APPR, ”Today the user experience of an app and its fault-free performance is a key to success. As experts in design and user experience (UX) we unite our efforts with experienced developers and marketers to support the entire life cycle of an app – from the idea outline to promotion in the market.” “Having the right App on AppStore and Google Play is not enough to succeed. Making it stand out from the crowd requires creative marketing. Startups and companies come to realize that the real road just begins when releasing the app to the market. In order to put a project in the best position for success, Ignite Cloudware develops monetization and go-to-market strategies starting from the draft stage, and later implements them as part of the promotion and marketing plan“, summarized Aviram Eisenberg, co-founder of Ignite Cloudware.

To help turn an app into a cash-making machine, APPR offers the following services:

  • – UI/UX design;
  • – Cross-platform App development;
  • – Backend Development;
  • – Responsive sites;
  • – Monetization strategy;
  • – Go-to-Market strategy;
  • – Mobile Analytics;
  • – App promotion;
  • – Holistic online marketing.

Being a joint venture of a mobile development shop, mobile user experience studio and an online marketing agency, APPR provides a synergetic value proposition that combines creative, technical and business expertise across the mobile ecosystem with an award winning portfolio. In-house app strategists & user interaction designers are working hand-in-hand with top-notch sofware developers to create mobile products that generate revenues. For the first time the company was officially introduced at Israel Mobile Monetization Summit.

About The Founders:

Ignite is a pure play software development outsourcing company that provides a fresh, open approach to enterprise-scale software solution development for Independent Software Vendors worldwide. Ignite provides an agile global delivery model with Israeli, European and U.S. onsite personnel that bring their domain knowledge in the Mobile, Telecom, Finance, E-Commerce, Social Networking, Gaming and Web 2.0 verticals in the front, and highly-skilled developers and testers in several Offshore Development Centers (ODC) in Eastern Europe.

Dogma is a full service provider in the visual communications practice, servicing diverse and extremely dynamic markets of United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada and a well-known for its technological advancements, market of Israel. The company is a leader in creative solutions for cross markets and international corporate and government identities.

Ignite Cloudware helps SaaS Vendors find and execute their ultimate go-to-market strategy. We offer Software vendors a complete range of online marketing services starting with Go-to-Market planning, online marketing campaigns, community management, SEO and creating inbound traffic to their website, lead generation and inside sales organization setup, operation & ongoing management. From recruitment of skillful sales reps to training and closing deals we help SaaS and Cloud vendors to penetrate businesses.