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Over the past decade the media and entertainment industry has witnessed a dramatic change in its DNA. Traditional content delivery methods to end users are no longer what the same, and advertising is no longer the growth engine it used to be. Today, competition comes not only from other media enterprises but also from teens who upload their videos on Youtube only to become overnight viral sensations.

In the day and age of social and mobile, technology has evolved from broadcast to on-demand digital stream to personal devices. As consumers wish to access content immediately, seamlessly and on-the-go, content providers must develop digital strategies to retain customers and compensate for the declining revenues.

As communications, entertainment and media companies continue to survive the challenges brought on by the digital movement and consolidation, many realize the potential the current landscape presents for improving their operational performance. Media and entertainment companies become great consumers of technology and development. While media companies have great talent team of creative people with ideas, they need to face technology challenges. Applications and websites are expected to deliver a large amount of content such as videos or games, without compromising their load time. In fact, a one second delay in load time results negative user experience, a decrease in customer satisfaction and fewer page views causing a decrease in customer engagement.

All parties understand the need to combine creative thinking and technology to drive digital revenues from consumers. The question is – what is the optimal way to do it.

Assisting E&M Providers to Take the Right Path for Digital Success

It is common knowledge that consumers are intolerant of anything less than top service, constant accessibility and availability. Media providers expect at least five nines uptime across all platforms. In addition, media professionals often have unparalleled creative vision yet they may require reinforcement in technological execution that meets their non-compromising demands. We at Ignite are true partners to E&M practitioners, helping them execute and extend their creativity through technology and online interpretations. As dozens of new technology trends and methods touch entertainment and media landscape, Ignite is here to translate the creative vision into captivating, functional apps and sites. We are passionate about making art and content meet state-of the-art technology that delivers top content experiences, high availability and scalability across multiple platforms.

Must have

Ignite’s E&M Must-Haves:

  • Building a team with profound knowledge and experience in web, mobile and social networks technologies.
  • Assigning a seasoned experienced project manager to ensure domain expertise and cohesiveness as well as a minimal learning curve
  • All team members are acquainted with novel technologies (web, mobile and social networks)
  • Seamless project execution due to vast experience in social media, mobile and web.
  • Adhering to Agile fluency across all team members in both development and business processes
  • Design architecture and network topologies with load balancing processes to make sure resources are not used to their capacity – so that the system will remain operational and response time will be optimal
  • Designing the website with Caching mechanism to enable superb response time for the user
  • Using clustering and Data redundancy to ensure service availability 24/7
  • Providing accelerated, week-long sprints alongside visual mockups to maintain hyper-productive development progress
  • Supervision and guidance of Ignite’s CTO provide industry standards and best practices along with usage of novel technologies and information that will help you make the right R&D decisions

Must have

Success Story: MTV

MTV was looking for a technological partner to create several websites for their TV shows. Because of their worldwide popularity, all websites were required to consist of social functionalities and ensure massive load as huge traffic peaks were expected during broadcast times.

  • Made- reality show focused on college students, college graduates and young adults trying to make it in the real world. MTV’s request was to create a website that links mentors that can help teens and young adults (the target audience) follow their dreams.
  • Next or Not- match-making reality show of beautiful young boys and girls. The website included all photos of all these people. The visitor had to press “next” button to move on to next photo. The number of “air seconds” each contender got were accumulated per and the top ones were published and invited to the show.
  • Yo Momma – The show—which ran from 2006 to 2007, and as the title suggests—used “yo momma” jokes, and many episodes featured guest appearances from rappers. In conjunction with Yo Momma, MTV launched, a Web 2.0 community dedicated to increasing viewer engagement with the program. Site users created a profile and uploaded their own yo momma jokes and attempted to boost their rankings on the site by challenging other users to “Battles” which were voted on by the user community.
  • I am on MTV – a platform that connected fans with the reality show heroes. ignite created this platform to enable a short setup of new fan site for each reality celebrity using a flexible template that required simple, minimal design modifications. This website had millions of registered users and millions of visitors per month.

One of the main challenges ignite had to deal with was to create websites that could endure peaks of traffic.

The Solution:

For all TV shows, Ignite created robust websites using clustering, cloud, memcashed, virtual instances, and load balancing mechanism to enable massive traffic that does not impact top performance.

The Result:

All websites and platforms enabled high volume of traffic during short periods of time (usually during the broadcast of their TV shows, enabling maximum user engagement.

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