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The future of E-Commerce solutions lies in the ability to identify market trends and react quickly to changes. Today, not only do consumers have more choices – they help shape the industry. They are active participants in purchasing, selling and ranking of products and services.

According to Emarketer, Retail E-Commerce is predicted to keep a strong pace through 2017. Mobile shopping is a force to be reckoned with, as consumers choose to purchase anytime, anywhere and its share is predicted to dramatically increase.

With approximately 75% of US internet users already making purchases online, ecommerce growth will rely more on increased spending from existing buyers than on new spending from first-time online buyers. So in this vigorous industry – an excellent customer experience, at the right price, across all platforms and devices remains key differentiator.

Must have

Taking E-Commerce to the Next Level

Ignite had gained experience in developing tailor-made a comprehensive E-Commerce support platforms which utilize automatic data scraping and smart artificial intelligence algorithms to perform product analysis and provide Business Intelligence. This enables retailers to make real time accurate, data-driven executive decisions.

Ignite employs Magento experts, including former Magento developers who specialize in the open-source platform that offers merchants a high degree of flexibility and control over the user experience, catalog, content and functionality of their online store. Benefiting from the fact that Magento has an R&D center in Kiev, Ignite’s E-commerce CoE enjoys access to a Magento talent pool. This translates to first hand expertise in the platform and vast experience in its implementations.

Ignite’s E-Commerce Must-Haves:

  • Developing enterprise scale online retail platforms
  • Building a team with profound knowledge and experience in E-Commerce, with proven experience in platforms such as Magento.
  • Creating an advanced search engine which studies the users’ online retail habits
  • Ecosystem Integrations to product reviews, shipping vendors, inventory systems, taxation engines, purchase and order system, payment processing gateways
  • Ensuring mobile retail is conducted seamlessly across all operating systems and devices

Must have

Success Story: Upstream Commerce

Upstream Commerce is dedicated to helping retailers around the world compete more effectively, increase sales, and grow profit margins through the use of advanced automated, real-time intelligence gathering and analysis.

Upstream asked Ignite to build a B2B price engine that monitors and compares the behavior of products across multiple vendors’ websites. The key challenges were to create a reliable, global inventory which crawls the web to source prices from retailers who offer similar products and whose mechanism can provide an accurate comparison.

The Solution:

Ignite planned and executed a strong engine which scans retail web pages to retrieve the prices, instead of relying on the retailers to supply them.

The solution combines a comprehensive data scraping mechanism that automatically extracts the info for any web page with a set of data comparison algorithms that matches the product with the utmost level of accuracy.

The Result:

Upstream Commerce is a fast growing startup working with some of the biggest online retailers all over the globe and is considered the leading solution in its field.

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