Offshore development has various facets. Ignite created various services to address the different R&D and business requirements of companies looking to outsource.

  • Accelerated BOT

    BOT acronym stands for Build, Operate Transfer. Ignite has enhanced this model to Accelerated BOT – ensuring relocating and offshoring your R&D activity, will be not only properly but also seamlessly. Accelerated BOT relies on our vast connections in Eastern Europe and deep knowledge in establishing offshore development centers. Instead of setup from scratch, we spot the right opportunity and capture an existing R&D infrastructure to minimize risks and maximize benefits. If your organization has already made the strategic decision to go offshore and don’t know how, Ignite’s Accelerated BOT Model is the right solution for you, paving the quickest and safest way to offshore success. Read more.

  • Agile Fixed Price

    It’s no secret that the traditional fixed-price model does not enable flexibility, clarity and dynamic decision making – all critical factors in software development. In order to facilitate you these essentials, Ignite offers Agile Fixed Price model. You define the requirements, and know the cost and duration which are determined accordingly. We commit to top delivery, on scope, on time and on budget. Learn more

  • Dedicated Development Team

    How do you extend your development staff offshore, yet ensure cost-efficiency, employee retention and rely on their unique domain knowledge? Ignite’s Dedicated Development Model provides all that and beyond. Discover how.

  • Virtual Captive Unit

    Rarely offered by offshore service providers, the VCU model delivers the best value for money when compared with all other engagement models: it’s risk-free, optimized and offers full control over costs, without the hassle of operating a legal entity in Eastern Europe, which requires profound local legal know-how. Add to that the BOT option, which allows you to take the time and prepare yourself to independently run the operation and you get a very lucrative offer that addresses your needs both strategically and tactically. Learn more.

  • Global Delivery Model

    There are several delivery strategies that can be executed in Software Outsourcing. Read through and see which one is best suited for your organization’s needs:

    • Onsite – Ignite places experienced professionals at your site to perform pre-defined tasks. e.g. requirement analysis, specifications development, implementation, testing, maintenance or the execution of the entire project. Contact us to learn more.

    • Offsite – In this model, we operate an office close to your headquarters. This way, we ensure your project gets all the resources required for successful delivery. Contact us to learn more.

    • Offshore – The entire project is carried out in a different country, a model which offers greater cost-efficiency and reduced labor expenses. The progress is monitored and ensured through periodical, scheduled meetings. Contact us to learn more.

    • Nearshore – This is a variant of Offshore delivery model and is suitable in cases where Ignite has presence in nearby countries. This model allows having more frequent travels between the sites, maintaining cost-efficiency and reducing communication overhead to a minimum. Want to discover if this model could work for you? Contact us.

    • Onsite-Offshore – Also known as the Hybrid model, this strategy integrates the benefits of onsite and offshore delivery models. Onsite-Offshore model provides the cost-efficiency of the offshore model as well as the face-to-face contact crucial to streamlined communication, ensuring your projects’ success. Contact us to learn more.