Adding Value Every Step of the Way

The Ignite Centers of Excellence (CoE) relies on teams of professionals that have gained substantial experience in Research and Development of different verticals. Ignite’s experts provide the right technological consultation, hands-on solutions and business strategies to shorten time-to-market while committing to top delivery. Our teams promote innovation, collaboration and knowledge sharing to drive technological and business breakthroughs.

The Ignite Way of Building Domain Excellence:

  • Expertise: Employing experienced subject matter experts, whose accumulated industry knowledge helps accelerate the project.
  • Business Support: Our CoEs offer support to the business lines in our various domains of expertise. This is done through providing end-to-end solutions, analysis tools for business decision makers, architecture design, project management and operational services required.
  • Guidance & Consulting: Understanding your vertical, its unique market forces and competitive landscape is key to offering you optimal, non-compromising delivery. In order to support our customers, we adhere to the different industries’ standards, best-practices and methodologies.
  • Solutions Screening: Ignite leverages its vast experience to help its customers make the right educated choices: choose the right solution, whether it’s a third party software or a home-grown, uniquely developed system to shorten time-to-market. We also help establish a new solution over an existing one while customizing it to the customer’s needs
  • SME Staffing: We ensure our experts deliver greater value by allocating industry experts who not only posses the right technological skill set but also have profound vertical understanding and proven experience.
  • Shared Learning: The accumulated knowledge is shared through trainings, certifications and knowledge transfer activities.

How are companies using Ignite’s Centers of Excellence?

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