Aviram Eisenberg, Founder and CEO

As Ignite’s founder and CEO, Aviram is in charge of the company’s global vision as well as its seamless execution. Committed to excellence and constant evolution, he developed Ignite’s Crystal-box Outsourcing methodology, a cutting-edge framework for managing offshore R&D projects. He is busy working on new products, delivery models and strategies as well as perfecting the onsite-offshore methodology to enable uncompromising software development while maintaining cost-efficiency. Prior to Ignite, Aviram served as the Chief Architect for MIND CTI, (NASDAQ: MNDO) an end-to-end billing and mediation solutions provider for the Telecom industry. As Chief Architect, he played a pivotal role in the development of onsite-offshore delivery model that enables cost-effective R&D. He oversaw the development of new procedures, defined and conducted training programs for R&D personnel and forged strong collaborations and engagements between the Israeli and East-European teams. Later he led projects for Telco leaders including Vodafone And Hutchison, partnering with HP, Oracle, Sun and IBM. Aviram saw the potential benefit inherent in hybrid onsite-offshore delivery for the entire software industry. After Ignite, Aviram founded Ignite to enable the onsite-offshore model’s clear benefits accessible to ISVs worldwide. As a CEO, he instills in the organization his passion for constant, never-ending improvement. Aviram holds a B.Sc. degree in Computer Science from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

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Lyudmyla Novosilska, CTO

Lyudmyla is an experienced development leader and has more than 12 years of proven track record in software development creating new software products, building and managing effective teams, establishing and continuously improving processes.
Prior to Ignite, Lyudmyla has served as a R&D Director in one of the leading banks in Ukraine; managing large development teams and numerous projects simultaneously and as a Development & Project manager in a US-based software development company.
Lyudmyla holds a Master Degree in Computer Science from Kyiv State University of Technologies and Design.

Omri Raisman, VP Business Development

Omri is an expert in Business and Management for Service as well as Product companies, with profound specialization in global business development, IP Cores development, Semiconductors Design and Verification services. Prior to working in Ignite, Omri gained vast experience of over 15 years in the Semiconductor industry. A seasoned Business Development strategist, he is experienced in doing business with top tier semiconductor companies worldwide as well as fabless companies in USA, Europe and Asia Pacific. With strong business and technological background, Omri works closely with ignite’s engineering team in solving their toughest challenges.