Ignite operates three delivery center in the Ukraine. The three core buildings, totaling 800 square meters are second home to Ignite’s engineers. Much thought and attention were put in selecting every location and ti strike the correct style, best equipment and the correct ambiance for each site and to ensure that our engineers get the best conditions for work, innovation and recreation.

All Ignite centers are conditioned, have fully equipped meeting rooms, and state-of-the art work station and peripherals and have recreational areas. Each office is wired with at least two independent ISP provided and two separate electricity power sources.
ILarge TV screens for Skype and video conferences, online trainings or a fun movie night, Xbox and table tennis areas spice up the work environment.

All three delivery centers are seamlessly networked together, allowing distributed terms of easily collaborate, share knowledge and experience and create a corporate culture in a distributed organization. Twice a year, Ignite has joint company events with all of its employees. We strongly believe that social ties lead to hyper-productive distributed teams.


This modern, urban office is a Class A hi-tech building located in Kiev center, within walking distance of 7 minutes from Politechnic University metro station. The building houses some of the best High-Tech companies in Ukraine and offers top facilities, IT infrastructure and other services including an internal food court. With is central location and proximity to Kiev State Polytechnic University – the top technical university in the Ukraine, this office is home to the best and brightest engineering minds one can find in the Ukraine.

The Kiev delivery center’s trademark is the startup atmosphere – innovative researchers and business-driven technical managers – the backbone of Ignite’s technical management and engineering superiority, collaborate daily to execute their customer’s concepts and ideas and delivertop quality innovative products to the market.

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The Kharkiv center represents Ignite’s main development work force: if the Kiev office is the backbone of Ignite operations, then the Kharkiv center is the muscles. Two of the top five universites in Ukraine are located in Kharkiv second only to Kiev.

The Kharkiv delivery center is located in a 19th century building in the historical part of the city center. Serene, spacious and with a strong family atmosphere, the Kharkiv delivery center is designed to provide engineers with the ultimate conditions to focus on their R&D projects.

The Kharkiv center is where great designs turn into a fully functional software consists of tech-savvy, hard-working employees with strong team sprit. With probably the lowest attrittion rate in offshore centers in the Ukraine, the developers of this center are best-suited to build a strategic long-term Offshore Dedicated Teams.

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The Zhitomir center is an ultra-cost effective site. Located in the city center, this is where Ignite’s next generation of excellence is nurtured. A fully renovated class B building offers Ignite engineers a comfotable and cozy enviroment with a livery, energetic atmosphere.

Ignite runs a Junior Developer programexclusively in the Zhytomyr center. Partnering with Zhytomyr State University, Ignite selects the brightest Computer Science students ti this program and puts them through an intense and rigorous on-the-job training for a year and a half. During this period, the trainees get a living stipendiary. At the and training period the qualified trainees jion Ignite’s work force.

Filled with young, motivated developers, the delivery center is where Ignite’s next generation is educated. Ignite carefully builds integrated teams, placing the young developers with ultra-cost-effective yet hyper-productive teams.This is the best place to invest in highly motivated cost-effective teams and enjoy the fruits of the investment over years to come.

Ignite placed great emphasis on outstanding traning conditions and receation options, both during the work day and after work hours. The developers and testers enjoy the fully equipped recreation room as well as quality after hours acivities.

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