Ignite Ltd. is a pure play software development outsourcing company that provides a fresh, open approach to enterprise-scale software solution development for Independent Software Vendors and IT departments worldwide. Ignite provides an agile global delivery model with Israeli, European and U.S. onsite personnel that bring their domain knowledge in the Telecom, Finance, E-Commerce, Social Networking and Web 2.0 verticals in the front, and highly-skilled developers in several Offshore Development Centers (ODC) in Eastern Europe, in newly comers EU destinations as well as non-EU destinations.

Ignite assists customers in concentrating on their core activities and reducing time-to-market without increasing their fixed workforce. Then it targets the soft-spots of the standard ‘black box’ approach to software development outsourcing — communication gaps and inexpert project management ­— to give its customers unprecedented flexibility and control.

Ignite utilizes Clear-Box Software Outsourcing, a unique methodology tailored to meet the specific requirements of ISVs. By applying this methodology, the Company’s highly-trained specialists transform software development into an efficient, reliable and predictable process and produce results that are consistently on-time, on-budget and on-target.

Founded in 2006, Ignite’s goal is to make its expertise, standards, tools and methodologies available worldwide and, thereby, boost the software Industry to an entirely new level.

Ignite’s unique clear-box software outsourcing:

  • Agile Fixed Price engagement:
    Ignite assists customers in developing detailed specifications. Then, Ignite minimizes their customer’s R&D risk by providing them with a guaranteed project price and delivery date, while keeping responsiveness to the customers’ changing requirements by on-going prioritization of the project’s requirements.

  • Global onsite-offshore delivery model:
    Ignite’s onsite team provides face-to-face collaboration and quality project management; the offshore team, design, implementation and testing. This way, customers benefit from the crystal-clear communications of onsite delivery and the cost-effectiveness of offshore delivery.

  • Distributed agile development process:
    Vertical development, frequent milestones and short delivery cycles keep customers in full control of their projects and open development windows that make changes and adjustments a natural part of the process.