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Case Study: Social Campaign Digital Support for Panorama3000

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PANORAMA3000 (P3000) is a Berlin-based digital communication agency. With core focus on social media and entertainment, P3000 helps brands get traction in the online sphere – from digital strategies formulation and creative concepts, through content creation, Community Management to design and development. It was regarding the latter (development) that P3000 approached Ignite – for a pan-European campaign for agency’s customer – Emmi CAFFÉ LATTE.
“Win 1 iPad Mini Everyday” campaign was designed to be the brand’s broadest campaign in Europe, spanning across 15 weeks and 8 countries. Held between August-November 2013, the campaign’s goal was to promote Emmi CAFFÉ LATTE consumption by giving away a tablet everyday to customers across eight countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, and Liechtenstein.

The challenge:

The mechanism of the Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE campaign was simple yet challenging: Every Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE cup had a unique code printed. In order to enter the raffle, consumers had to enter the campaign website and register the code. In addition, users were able to request the code online – with up to three codes entered per user, per day. The raffle was held on a daily basis, with the winner’s name published on the campaign website.
As part of a social campaign, Ignite was requested to develop the designated website that would enable massive participation as well as changing data.


Ignite developed a responsive website that enabled submission via web and mobile.
Given that there was a challenging time frame of only two months to deliver, a team of five developers was assigned to plan and execute this PHP-based project. Designed to provide optimal viewing experience, the site was responsive to mobile and scalable.
While this kind of project usually requires several months of extensive R&D, the team managed to plan and execute within just 60 days. Shortly after the launch, Ignite worked 24/7 to fix bugs and ensure seamless performance, as part of its commitment to P 3000 and Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE’s campaign.


The campaign that P3000 created and Ignite enabled got very high engagement and participation rate:

  • Over 140,000 consumers participated in the iPad Mini campaign
  • Over 1,000,000 codes were entered, 40% of them were automatically generated by the website
  • Over 4,000,000 page views during the 100 days of the campaign
  • Every consumer submitted an average of seven codes. Multiple consumption was the desired outcome of the campaign and is a key success factor in its measurement

We found a true technology partner in Ignite. Their passion for Social Media was evident in the execution of a robust website which enabled massive participation. The application was fast and responsive which was necessary with 50% mobile participation. 
Ignite were passionate and flexible, we are looking forward to working with them again”

Thomas Praus, CEO, PANORAMA3000

P3000’s strategy, which consisted of various communication channels, (including Facebook community engagement , newsletter, stop motion film) had contributed to the buzz creation and campaign’s huge success. The partnership with Ignite enabled a seamless conversion from the cup to the campaign, which makes this campaign to be one of Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE’s most successful marketing initiative in recent years.