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Case Study: Beating the Deadline for MIND CTI with New SES

Ignite Team by Ignite Team
MIND is a global provider of real-time, product-based mediation, billing and customer care solutions for voice, data, video and content services.

The Challenge : One of Europe’s leading 3G mobile operators asked MIND to develop and deploy a new release of its MIND-iPhonEX SES within 3 months. The Services Enabler System (SES) is one of the critical components of the 3G network and its undelying OSS infrastructure. MIND-iPhonEX SES enables simultaneous voice, data, video & content services for prepaid and post-paid subscribers and provides real-time AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting), proactive session management and balance management.

To help them meet this extremely tight schedule, MIND turned to Ignite.

Our Role : Ignite assisted MIND in meeting its deadline by analyzing the operator requirements, creating the overall solution and planning the migration procedure from the existing SES release. Ignite’s knowledge in the Telecom domain had reduced the knowledge transfer effort to a minimum. With Ignite’s frequent onsite presence, we all felt as if Ignite’s team was an extension of MIND’s R&D department. Ignite worked hand-in-glove with our R&D teams to complete and deploy the release on-time and on budget.

Ignite’s Clear-Box software Outsourcing methodology, with its frequent milestones, weekly reports, and responsiveness to our changing requirements kept us in full control of the project at all times.

Izik Ben Zaken, MIND’s VP R&D

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