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Case Study: Agile Support for Clarizen SaaS

Ignite Team by Ignite Team
Clarizen is a leading global provider of collaborative online project management software that allows businesses to easily manage all of their projects and resources in a single environment. Clarizen’s online project management tools facilitate true team collaboration and project execution, ensuring data is always up-to-date and aligned with business objectives.

The Challenge: Clarizen asked Ignite to customize its generic Project Management Software as a Service (SaaS) to meet the needs of Agile software developers.

Clarizen, which practices Agile development in its own R&D department and a devoted Agile supporter turned to Ignite, the leading Agile software development company in Israel

Our Role: Ignite’s Scrum masters and Agile experts prepared a comprehensive set of Agile project templates and customized Clarizen’s system to support Agile project management for large-scale as well as small-scale projects.
By utilizing the in-depth knowledge in Application Life Cycle Management systems (ALM) and Project Life Cycle Management (PLM) gained in Ignite, we provided to Clarizen a full report of the features that will be reuqired in Clarizen’s project management system to fully support global onsite-offshore delivery model of distributed Agile development methodology.