Case Study: Circle of Education

by Dmytro Ternovyi

About the project: In the last 20 years we see both parents in young families working full time, the extended family is far away and unavailable to support the needs of the young families. The childcare of young children is falling on the shoulders of early childhood care organizations or very tired young parents that have little time after work for proper parenting. The family stress and lack of parenting time have caused a significant increase in number of young children with challenging behaviors that are not ready to learn. The need for positive behavior support strategies and programs is a key for healthy social emotional wellness and learning readiness of young children.

Delibrainy LLC, a San Diego-based company, founded by Professor Shulamit Ritblatt Ph.D. and David Ritblatt, developed Circle of Education® a research- and evidence-based bilingual program focused on Social Emotional Wellness, Learning Readiness, Family Engagement, and Behavioral Health of young children ages birth to 8 years old.

To address the need of the families and childcare organizations delibrainy LLC developed a cutting edge program in the area of social-emotional wellness, utilizing the latest neuroscience and child development research.

Variety of the program activities integrate multi age activities integrating multi-sensory components: music, educational songs and 3D animation tuneTOON®s, expression cards, and puppets. We utilize educational music and animation, specifically developed for young learners, as tools for social-emotional wellness and learning readiness.

Technical challenge:

Extensive use of rich digital media is critical to the successful implementation and adaption of the program. The fast and flawless delivery of the program content including the ability to identify, sort and present the relevant activities to the user was a primary challenge for the project’s digital interface. The responsive website didn’t satisfy the needs of the users.

When Circle of Education came to Ignite, we found that the issue was in the site architecture that wasn’t able to support the huge traffic capacity. Beside of that many users witnessed problem of necessary high speed Internet connection to access the videos, what made offline usage impossible.


We decided that the problem should be solved from the very basis. Ignite reengineered the entire solution gradually in several stages to accomplish business needs of the project:

  • We create a hybrid mobile App using PhoneGap (as opposed to native Android and iOS development), to keep cost efficiency.
  • Hosted the content on a media server and optimized bandwidth of the videos.
  • Created a special mode where the optimized media can be pre-downloaded, so user can access it directly from the App without a need of Internet connection.
  • Optimized the design to maximize conversions and create a unique user experience.
  • Developed a unified backend that can be used both by App and the original website.
  • Created a robust version of the responsive website to handle large amount of traffic.
Ignite managed to replace an existing solution with a newer robust ecosystem in a cost efficient manner without taking the users offline.

Content is now delivered via solid ecostructure, consisting of web platform capable of manage the growing amount of video content and mobile applications (both iOS and Android) to make user access the media even if one has limited Internet connection.

Technologies used: PhoneGap, PHP and WordPress.

“I was once told: Having the best mousetrap, doesn’t guarantee the mouse comes your way. Even the best idea needs delivery. That’s why we created the app, so we can engage young parents around the world without tearing them away from their beloved smartphones and tablets they use all the time.”

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Mobile App Development Case Study - Circle of Education