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Save Up to 66% of the Total Testing Cost While Achieving Maximum Testing Coverage:

Vulcan Logo Development Diagram Test Automation solutions are clearly the most effective method to ensure high quality for software products that have a long maintenance life, because even minor patches over the lifetime of the application trigger a long cycle of regression tests to verify that the

new patch did not break former functionality. However, many companies are intimidated by the costly investments involved. Developed by Ignite, Vulcan taps into this unmet need with a cost-efficient, robust and easy-to-use test automation solution that save up to 66% of the total testing effort while ensuring maximum coverage.

Who could resist cost-efficiency?

Ignite Vulcan offers a test automation platform that quickly, repeatedly and efficiently tests what would otherwise need to be done manualy. One of its inique attributes is that inlike other automation frameworks, testing with Ignite Vulcan doesn’t require development capabilities and heavy scripting skills. It provides a rich testing enviroment simple and intuite enough for non-technical employees. Ignite Vulcan’s toolbox enables testers to design their test scenarios simply by dragging and dropping the necessary test steps, and to start testing easily and quickly, saving precious time and money.

How did traditional Testing Become Obsolete?

There are several reasomn why automated testing gained popularty over traditional manual testing:

Agile made it irrelevant
Agile methodology means shorted development cycles (in average two to four weeks) and frequent. Traditional QA methods require long developentcycles accompained by a long, mostly manual, testing cycle do not match the Agile pace of development

The multiple site testing challenge
In order to reduce development costs, many organizations choose to do their engineering, wholly or party, in other counrties where labol costs are more attractive. Different components of the same product are developed in differend locations. In sush a scenario, bringing all components together into one product/solution requires significant testing efforts and resources when perfomed in traditional QA methods.

Ignite Vulcan’s Mains Features
  • Workflow engine and drop interface enabled to build automated test flows
  • Patent-pending permulation algorithm achieves full coverage in minimal number of tests
  • Support nested test flows
  • Support flow split and parallel flow execution
  • Support user-generated customized test blocks for repetive and frequent flows
  • Modular framework allows execution of cusomized scriptlets
  • Easily integrates into all major Continuous Integration systems
Six Fast Facts:
Why R&D Teams Choose Ignite Vulcan
  1. Insert once – automate anytime: Ignite Vulcan redices the initial investment barried in test automation to the minimum – up to 90% reduction of the initial investment!

  2. An intuitive a workflow studio allows the tester to easily build the automated test fows using a drag and drop interface without pior technical background.

  3. Ignite Vulcan succeeds where ofter automating system fail because of its permutetion algorithm, allowing maximum testing coverage.

  4. Ignite Vulcan is designed to meet the most comprehensive testing requirements across different industries including automotive, medical devices, telco, and more.

  5. Ignite Vulcan is the best soluion to test non-MMI modules as well as software-hardware combined products.

  6. Ignite Vulcan support Agile methodology – it easily integrates with all major Continuous Integration system to undergo short testing cycles in the development process and rapid development of new features.

Removing the Barriers to Automation Development

While many organizations realize the importance of automated tests, they hesitate to implement it since it requires significant inverstments. In the traditional approach, implementation of automated tests means increase in staff with software development background.

This many be done either by redirecting part of the existing R&D resources (impracs release and has a certain psychological effect) or by increasing existing resources, which in today’s words is a nearly impossible task.

As a result – manual tests are still widely used, despite their obvious deficiencies. This is the case mainly for small and menium size organizations. Ignite Vulcan enables a dramatic cost reduction of the automation process – when initial stage requires only 10% of the investment which would have been required otherwise.


1,2,3 – Test!
The Ignite Vulcan software Automation Method

Each Vulcan project is developed especially to meet the needs and demands of its industry. Test are conducted at API level.

  1. Device identification – Each Ignite Vulcan project begins by identifying the various devices relevant to the tested system. A devices coult either be a software component or even a hardware device which has a computerized API. Collaboration with the customer, a Vulcan developer developers the glue code that connects Ignite Vulcan to your devices.

  2. Functionaly design – The second state is to identify and define tha action that can be perfomed in the tested system, both generally and specifically on each and every device.

  3. Test Flow Design – Upon completion of these phases, Vulcan’s Toolbox is equipped with all the information needed to design and executed automadet tests. The last stage is defining the test flows that you with to conduct. Using an intuitive drag and drop interface, the tester is now able to drag devices, perform actions, add input and output parameters and control the flow of the test using the rich set of control flow elements that Ignite Vulcan offers.

  4. It’s Testing Time – The tester can either run the automated tests from within the Ignite Vulcan Studio or export the test to the Continuous Integration system, enablyng automated feedback on test scenarios in a single click.

Vulcan 5

Vulcan 3

Vulcan 4

Vulcan 6

Vulcan 7

Vulcan 8

Vulcan 10

The Ignite Vulcan Permutation Phenomenon

Ignite Vulcan stikes a balance between the optimal number of permutation tests and maximum test coverage. Oneof the differentiators of Ignite Vulcan versus other alternative it its capability to handle permutations. One of the most frustrating tasks in testing is the need to perform the same test with sight variations to the enviroment parameters and settings. Ignite Vulcan provides excellent support by using permutations. Given and large set of input parameters, Ignite Vulcan’s patent-pending algorithm computers the optimal number of tests to reach the maximum testing coverage. Using a single test flow, Ignite Vulcan is able to test all permutation and injects various input parameters on the fly to cover all possible scenarios.

Test for Success with Ignite Vulcan,
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