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Meet Ignite LightSpeed, the PLM platform that addresses R&D’s most burning needs.

Vulcan Logo Development Diagram Ignite LightSpeed helps R&D professionals to manage the entire lifecycle of the project and lead product development innovation seamlessly, effortlessly and collaboratively. An open source framework, Ignite LightSpeed provides you with a real-time, 360-degree-perspective for all product and project-related process: from the initial concept through R&D, implementation, testing and delivery to the market.

Based on Distributed Agile best-practices, Ignite LightSpeed is best suites for offshore and geographically dispersed teams working jointly on a single product or project.


Ignite LightSpeed: The Making Of..

It all started when Ignite, which specializes in offshore development, looked for an open-source tool that provides an end-to-end solution for distributed Agile development. While there are many good open source Agile tool, they all focus on the Agile approach without taking into consideration adaptations to the distributed nature of offshore software development.

Overtime, with the rising needs of Ignite’s distributed teams of was time to create a designated agile solution. Ignite’s R&D experts crafted, integrated, bundled and customized a collection of leading open-source and Agile framework to create a premium open-source, Agile delivery framework especially designed for distributed development.

At the beginning Ignite LightSpeed served our geographically distributed projects, leveraging teams located in 4 continents and 7 time zones to collaboration and develop a single product. Due to the increasing demand among customers to utilize this framework for their internal R&D needs, launching Ignite LightSpeed Cloud-Sourced Agile Delivery Platform seemed like the right move.
The LightSpeed Platform takes the LightSpeed framework a major step further in the PLM evolution: Placing its capabilities on the cloud, with seamless scaling, hight-availability and a friendly web interface.
The LightSpeed framework is released back to the open source community under the GPL license for the benefit of every distributed development team.

Cost-Efficiency Guaranteed!

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Ignite LightSpeed is distributed under the GPL license

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the PLM framework that addresses R&D’s most burning needs.

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Collaboration Taken to the Next Level

Ignite LightSpeed’s cloud-sourced solution helps customers make informated product-related decisions and keep the finger on the pulse of innovation. It enables a collaborative, Agile-based process where all people involved share the same product vision, project specifications, work plan and real time data from the offshore development teams..
Ignite LightSpeed Cloud-Sourced Agile Delivery platform takes the LightSpeed framework even further. With a 24/7 hosting on Amazon cloud and a tablet-friendly user interface, your project is more accessible that ever before.
Anytime, anywhere, and from any device, your offshore colleagues are only a click away.

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Go Agile When It Comes to Product Lifecycle

Ignite LightSpeed bundles a collection of leading open-source frameworks to create a cohesive, interoperable Distributed Agile PLM Solution. Using it’s flexible plug-in-based architecture, Ignite LightSpeed allows its user to add new features and customize existing features according ti their needs.

  • It helps to reduce the overhead of multisite development to the minimum and allows you to: Stay on top of project progress and project health

  • Analyze planned vs. actual progress and predict teams velocity

  • Adapt the development process to Agile development

  • Develop missing functionality, if needed

  • Configure the system according to customer/project needs

  • Customize the system’s workflow according to your actual R&D processes

  • Track all issues, tasks and work plan anytime, anywhere and on the go

  • Manage design and process documents

  • Keep your data secured and highly available

  • Collaborate seamlessly, via multi-user Enterprise 2.0 tools

  • Connect easily to your development support subsystem

  • Export data for downstream sub system

Key Features

Project and Product Dashboards

Provides a real time, graphical overview over project statutes, allowing effective monitoring and risk assessment. The Product Dashboard Enables to see at a glance the project’s status, including planned vs. actual performance gauge, team efficiency status and other frequently used key performance indicators (KPIs).

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Backlog Planning

Plan your product from roadmap-level down to the smallest valuable feature. Prioritize and predict effort estimates of your features based on each feature’s points.

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Spring Planning

Platform hands-on sprint planning using an easy to use drag and drop interface: Assing development teams and features to each aprint and drill down to the smallest technical task usшng the visual task board. A statistical prediсtion algorithm will assess sprints capacity based on the team’s past velocity.

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Collaboration Tools

Forums, Wiki, Document sharing and Enterprise 2.0 tools provide excellent team collaboration foundation, while creating a unifed project knowledle base.

Continuous Integration

An automatic continuous integration system is seamlessly integrated into LightSpeed and shows you any problem in your source code: compilation errors, test execution errors, coding standards errors, cyclic dependencies and more. Every time a new source code is being committed to the source repository the CI subsystem comes into power, execute your build, unit tests and system-wide integration test and stays on guard that your code will never break!

Source Repository

Control your codebase from within the system to know exactly which source codes relate to which feature

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Issue tracking

An advanced, integrated Issue Tracking system. From the most comprehensive feature down to smallest bug, the tracking system provides extensive filtering and presentation capabilities and enables customizable views of the integrated issue list.

Calendar View

Monitor what each developer is working on today, tomorrow and for the foreseeable future.

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Grantt Chart

Intuitively illustrates the start and finish dates of the project’s milestones in a more traditional form for the non-Agile stakeholders.

What Sets Ignite LightSpeed Apart?

  • Ignite LightSpeed given R&D professionals the freedom and flexibility they need: distributed development was never this easy.

  • Cost-efficiency guaranteed! No annual licenses payment required!

  • State-of-the art ope source platform: Ignite LightSpeed is constantly upgraded and improved

  • Retain and share knowledge effectively

  • Create a unified processes across internal and external teams

  • Highly-available and Highly accessible platform, whenever and whenever you are

  • Your data is secured and restorable

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